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It's Time for Agencies to Raise the Bar

Stock brokers and travel agents never saw it coming. Are independent insurance agents next?

If your agency is still:

  • Strictly handling transactions
  • Selling based upon price only
  • Claiming to have great service/great people as the #1 reason people should do business with you
  • Thinking that "we represent all the major carriers and we've been in business for 100 years" is differentiation

You sound like every other agency out there. You'll keep hearing, "You guys are all the same."

It's time to pivot from transactions to relationships. It's time to become a true Risk Advisor.

Digital disruption will take most of the day-to-day tasks away from agencies. The only defense you have against increased technology and competition is the risk advice you provide.

Think about travel agents; think about stock brokers. Most don't exist today. Advisors are what prosper today.

RAISE the Bar

  • Risk
  • Advice and
  • Insurance
  • Solutions 
  • Enterprise

The agencies and Producers that use The Risk Concierge Program™ and become true advisors to their clients will differentiate and not only survive but will soar in the marketplace.

Agencies that do not react will become the next stock brokers or travel agents.

Are you ready to get serious about your agency results?

  • Identify your agency's Dangers, Opportunities & Strengths.
  • Develop a quarterly plan with your coach to tackle your DOS.
  • Develop a realistic and achievable three year plan  to increase Revenue, Operating Profit, Revenue Per Employee/ Producer/Relationship, plus more.
  • Identify the personal Critical Success Factors you and your team will implement exceedingly well all the time.
  • Put Talent Improvement Plans in place for Leadership, Sales & Service, and Finance/Admin areas of your agency. 
  • Have true accountability with your personal coach to implement real progress on a quarterly basis.
  • Surround yourself with non-competing, like-minded agencies with an annual networking event.

Our Coaches

Roger Sitkins

Roger Sitkins has trained and mentored thousands of insurance professionals. Producers, CEOs, Sales Managers, and Account Managers with diverse levels of experience have all benefited tremendously from his training and leadership. Roger is a committed advocate of improvement, believing that if you improve the life of one person, you improve the world.

Brent Kelly

Brent Kelly is a motivating influencer, coach and speaker who has a passion for helping insurance agencies maximize their performance. He spent 15 years in the insurance industry as a successful commercial lines producer and was named one of the top 12 young agents in the country in 2012. His focus is to help insurance professionals gain influence, expand their potential, and grow their book of business.

Yeah, but...I Know...

  • Yeah, but that won't work in my market.
  • Yeah, but my team won't implement.
  • Yeah, but I don't have time.
  • Yeah, but it's too expensive. 
  • Yeah, but I know what I need to work on (I just haven't yet).

Were those your first thoughts? We've heard them all before and we can tell you unequivocally:

  • It will work in any market.
  • Your team will resist change at first, most do. But the rewards are worth it.
  • We all have the time for what is important to us.
  • It costs less than one mediocre employee or Producer but gives you a much greater ROI.

If you know, but you haven't done anything yet, then you don't really know the long term cost of doing nothing.



Yes! I'm In!

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