How to 3x Your Agency's Growth in 2021

All-inclusive, unlimited training for your entire agency from the Sitkins Consultants is here!

$750k in new commission
I Dont work on anything under 6 figures anymore.

A new day is here for independent insurance agencies that are willing to go ALL-IN and become part of a massive movement.

It's a proven fact that traditional training does not create long-term change in your agency. 

That's why the Sitkins Coaches created the All-Inclusive Model to bring ongoing training for your entire agency for guaranteed great results.

All-Inclusive Agency Training

Starting at $497/month

  • PRODUCERS - Virtual ProducerFit training program for all of the Producers in your agency.
  • SALES LEADERS - Virtual CROFit course for all Sales Leaders in your agency. ​
  • CEOs - Virtual CEO Bootcamp course for the overall agency leadership.
  • ACCOUNT MANAGERS - Virtual Account ManagerFit course for all of your Account Managers.
  • MONTHLY SALES MEETINGS - 10 interactive virtual meetings per year lead by the Sitkins Coaches.
  • THE BETTER WAY UNIVERSITY - Virtual on-demand training library for entire PL & SCL departments. ​​Plus, ​​​​​​bi-monthly webinars. ​​

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One Solution for Your Agency

Enrolling in our All-Inclusive Model gets your agency proven training for all members of your team.  All of these programs are hosted online in an interactive setting to help you connect with other success-minded professionals, follow up on your progress, and continue your growth.

What are you waiting for?

Imagine, for less than the cost of a mediocre employee, you can get access to unlimited world-class training & coaching from the Sitkins coaches.

  • Unlimited Producer training
  • Unlimited Account Manager training
  • Unlimited PL & SCL training
  • Unlimited Sales Leader training
  • Unlimited CEO/Agency Leadership training

Get Training for Your Whole Agency