How to Increase Your Insurance Agency’s Revenue by 25% or More Without Hiring a New Producer

Thursday, May 30 at 2pm ET - In this live web class led by Brent Kelly, VP of Sitkins Group, you will learn how to best maximize your time, accelerate your profits, and enhance your key relationships to increase your agency’s revenue by 25% or more.

Brent will share the three secrets to help your agency achieve more with less.

Secret #1

The most important metric that separates stagnant agencies from accelerated growth insurance agencies. 

Secret #2

The most effective marketing strategy that is completely underutilized by most insurance agencies.

Secret #3

The key to building pipelines that are overflowing with the best opportunities.


Whether new or veteran, our ProducerFit sales traning program will help any Producer achieve new levels of success and get to their Best Version Possible.


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