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Sell More, Retain More, Earn More at ProducerFit!


Whether new or veteran, ProducerFit will help any Producer

As the Nation's #1 Agency Results Coach, Roger Sitkins and his team of executive coaches have helped thousands of Producers achieve increasing levels of success. His ProducerFit insurance sales training program will get Producers better results.

  • Increase their sales results
  • Develop new skills of differentiation
  • Learn ways to keep pipelines full
  • Know the secret to replicating success
  • Have the perfect schedule that allows more freedom
  • Create the success to live their dream lifestyle

Some of the ProducerFit topics will include:

  • Behaviors & Strategies versus Numbers.
  • W.I.N. – What Is Normal – How to make great behaviors and strategies the “normal”.
  • S.P.A. – Going to the SPA, the Skills, Processes and Attitudes that drive great results.
  • The Power of the 80/20 Rule – How to focus on and replicate the vital few versus the trivial many in everything you do.
  • The Four R’s Focus – It’s all about Results, Relationships, Retention and Referrals
  • Me, Inc. – How to maximize the results of your “Company” (your book of business) and drive massively improved personal profitability.
  • KPI’s – Key Performance Indicators – How to “Know versus Guess” your numbers.
  • The Producer's Improvement Cycle – There are four specific phases that all great producers go through.
  • Activity vs Results – How to stop confusing activity (boy am I busy) with results.  Average producers hide behind activities; great producers drive results.
  • Why People Buy – It is not what you may think.
  • Beating Commoditization – How to design and deliver a value proposition that moves away from price only selling.
  • Pipeline Building – How to get to overflowing pipelines and more Opportunities than Time.
  • The Insurance and Risk Management Iceberg – How to differentiate from the pack.
  • Selling System – How to develop your “Set Offense”.
  • Probing & Listening Skills – How to ask questions that get to the true buying motives.
  • Situation Management – Not time management. How to get yourself into the right situations at the right time.
  • The Producer's Perfect Schedule – Time is your only diminishing asset. How you use the time is crucial.
  • ROPE – Referral Only Production Explosion – How great will it be when the vast majority of your new business comes from Referrals or Introductions?
  • Super Qualifying – The best day to lose the sale is the first day! How to establish the rules of the game with your prospects upfront.
  • The Continuation Process – We don’t believe in the annual event known as the “renewal”. We don’t believe you renew accounts. We believe in continuing relationships. How to set up the continuation at policy delivery.
  • The Four Exit Barriers – How to install the four strategies that lead to 100% effective retention.
  • The Four Buying Styles – How to identify and flex your selling approach to match your prospects.
  • Moving from the Vendor of a Product to an Indispensable Partner.
  • The Development of your USP – Unique Selling Proposition – The unique and appealing ideas and things that separate you from all other "Me Too" competition.


The cost:

TSN Members: $695 per Producer for all four sessions. Learn about becoming a TSN Member.

Non-Members: $1950 per Producer for all four sessions.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: If after the final session, you feel that you did not receive enough value to do what it takes to reach a higher level of success, you will receive a no questions asked refund.

Registration includes all four sessions

Session 1 

  • Day One: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm. Breakfast & lunch will be provided. A networking reception will be held at the end of the day.
  • Day Two: 8:30 am - 2:30 pm. Breakfast & lunch will be provided.
  • Day Three: 8:30 am - Noon. Sales Leaders Only.

Session 2 

  • Online follow-up session. This session will be 60 mins.

Session 3

  • Online follow-up session. This session will be 60 mins.

Session 4 

  • Day One: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm. Breakfast & lunch will be provided. A networking reception will be held at the end of the day.

  • Day Two: 8:30 am - 2:30 pm. Breakfast & lunch will be provided.

  • Day Three: 8:30 am - Noon. Sales Leaders Only.

Location & Reservations

Pink Shell Beach Resort & Marina
275 Estero Boulevard
Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931
1-800-237-5786  >> Tell them you're attending Sitkins CEOFit program

The group room rates start at $179 per night.


Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) is approximately 20 miles from the Pink Shell.

Are you a Sales Leader?

Roger Sitkins recognized early in his coaching and training career that essentially, the primary responsibility of a Sales Leader in an agency is to serve as Chief Revenue Officer.

That is why we have added a crucial element to ProducerFit - equipping Sales Leaders with skills and strategies to help coach producers, become their accountability mentor, and guide them to reach and exceed their goals.


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