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With over 35 years of insurance agency consulting, Roger has helped thousands of independent insurance agents and hundreds of agencies reach heightened levels of success. See what others in the industry have to say about choosing Roger Sitkins as their agency coach.

"In 1990 my firm made the classic move, it took the firm's best salesman and made him the CEO. Me. I had no idea how to run or lead an insurance agency. I was lucky to find Roger Sitkins and his CEO training camp. I attended the camps, completed the real world training exercises and compiled the workbook. That workbook became the blueprint I followed for 25 years. We were able to grow our firm from $8 million in revenue to over $50 million during those years. In addition, we sent sales people and sales managers to those respective camps, with great success. Now retired, I look back on Roger's training as a real key to a long and successful career." - Marc Zanger


"We have worked with Sitkins for many years and have only superlatives to say about the organization and its creative, constructive approach to Agency differentiation and vertical growth planning." - Murray & MacDonald Insurance Services, Inc.


"Roger has been a wonderful resource and his instruction has greatly influenced how I try to model my interactions with clients and prospects. Whether they know it or not, I think most of the producers in this industry owe him a real debt of gratitude—he’s been an important thought leader for a long time and a great credit to the insurance profession.

It was truly a privilege to learn from the best, and I know that the more I continue to practice the behaviors and strategies you outlined, the further my career horizons will expand.
Thank you for sharing your experience and your wisdom—you’re a great aspirational model for every producer!" - Jules O. Gaudreau III, The Gaudreau Group, Inc


"Our relationship with Roger has taken us to over $250,000 of revenue per employee, placing us in the top 1% nationally." - The Flanders Group


“Roger has changed the face of many agencies who are willing to embrace his “Strategies for Success”. Our agency would not be where it is today without his coaching.” – Dirk DeJong, Frank H. Furman Inc


"You guys have put together a great plan for us to grow. There’s a lot of basics involved in insurance and this has given us a great way to relay the basic information in the industry to our team. I have a seasoned team, and sometimes relaying that information to them, is an eye rolling experience…but I think you guys have a nice way of delivering this message and setting us up on a month by month basis for what we need to focus on and how that can really help us grow." -Mike Chapman, Brown & Brown


"I was a 1999 graduate of the C N A SATT School. I have kept your segment close by these 18 years and I still strive to be a PIG and not a HAWG.” - Jason Bartow, Eugene A. Bartow Insurance Agency, Inc.                                        


"Roger and his team at Sitkins have been an integral part of helping us to develop this unfair advantage." - Brady, Chapman, Holland & Associates


Testimonials from our ProducerFit Program: 

"I now have the roadmap to success. This session helped to provide a solid foundation and close some gaps for me." - Rob Cowan, Brown & Brown of Louisiana

"At this point, I see how easy it can be and realize I’m the only one in my way. I feel better knowing what a value this is going to be to my staff, clients and my family” - Christina Cardenas, Cardenas Insurance

"This was an eye-opening seminar. Unbelievable and just an incredible experience. Roger and his staff are great. I learned so much and can’t wait to start my new journey.” - Harry Johnson, Cook and Kocher Insurance Group

"These classes are great – everything I had heard and more. I look forward to watching my success continue as we continue this program.” - Ryan Teuton, Cypress Insurance Group, Inc.


To find out how Roger's coaching can transform your agency or your career as an insurance agent, check out ProducerFit, our highly acclaimed producer sales training seminar, as well as all the other insurance agency coaching Sitkins provides.


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