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Are you ready to get strategic about growing your agency? Start with our FREE 8-Day Agency Results Sprint!

"We make this business more difficult than it needs to be."

Chet Rhoads, EVP/Chief Sales Officer, HUB International

Sound familiar? What if engaging in a few simple strategies could help your agency sell more, retain more and earn more? We believe that it can!

After years of working with thousands of independent insurance agencies, the Sitkins team has broken agency success down to some fundamental strategies and easily attainable goals. This is small and steady progress that will bring you results.


For less than 10 minutes each morning, you’ll explore the Sitkins knowledge bank of ideas, tools and strategies, guided by leading industry coach, Roger Sitkins.

Your plan of study includes:

  1. Day One: Activity vs. Results – Is your agency an activity based culture or a results based culture?
  2. Day Two: The 80/20 Rule – Vilfredo Pareto was right! There is a real and predictable imbalance in the universe – even in your agency.
  3. Day Three: High Performance Teams – Peyton Manning doesn’t pass the ball to himself; he has a team of highly trained receivers he trusts to do their job. Your sales and service teams should work the same way.
  4. Day Four: The Four R’s Focus – “Without a vision the people shall perish” This is true even in your agency, and Roger will give you a simple, yet effective, vision for your agency.
  5. Day Five: The Ultimate Marketing Strategy – There really are just 3 simple things you can do to increase your prospects.
  6. Day Six: The No’s – There are certain things that should be a “no” in your agency.
  7. Day Seven: Producer’s Improvement Cycle – It’s not enough to tell your Producers “You need to get your numbers up.” What are the behaviors that lead to increased numbers?
  8. Day Eight: Exit Barriers – Your goal should be 100% effective retention. Did you retain 100% of the clients you wanted to keep?

Are you ready to build your agency and simplify your life? Let's get started!


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The Agency Results Sprint

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