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Are you a Part-Time Producer?

Increase Your Time Spent Selling

One of the key metrics we measure for all of our Producers is Time Spent Selling. How can you grow your book of business if you're not maximizing your time spent selling?

Join Brent Kelly, Vice President, for this one hour webinar where you or your Producers will learn how to go from part-time to full-time and increase revenue!

We all have the same amount of hours, it's just how you use it.

There’s a movement out there you should be aware of, Producers and Sales Leaders are seizing an opportunity to become their Best Version Possible. This movement positively changes their lives forever.

Leading industry sales coach, Brent Kelly, will share strategies that all Producers and Sales Leaders can use to maximize their time.

You will have a clear plan to better utilize time and increase revenue, without sacrificing your personal life.

Stop wasting time and holding yourself back. The only thing that separates a mediocre Producer from an exceptional Producer, is how they use their time. Think about it - the exceptional Producer doesn't have any more hours in their day than the mediocre Producer!

In one hour with Brent Kelly, you'll learn strategies to:

  • Fire yourself from service! Chances are, you're not even good at it anyway.
  • Manage your schedule to maximize selling time AND create excess time.
  • Increase your sales/revenue by 25%.
  • Increase retention so that you don't have to constantly replace revenue.

If your ready to stop being a Part-Time Producer, spend 60 minutes of your time on March 4th.

Webinar Date & Time
Wednesday, March 4, 2020 at 2:30 - 3:30 pm ET

Cost | $97
Money Back Guarantee: If after the session, you don't feel it was worth it, we'll refund your money.

Who should attend?‚Äč
Producers and Sales Leaders who are tired of wasting time and want to increase their revenue.

Questions | Call 877.SIT.KINS or send an email.

You do not want to miss this webinar!


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