How a member agency earned $750,000+ in new commission using a corkboard.

Sometimes it's the simplest things that make the biggest impact. Intentionally focusing on the results you want and developing the strategies and plans to reach them doesn't have to be complicated.



What could you do if focused on just your Top 100 Prospects?

In all honesty, does your agency even have your Top 100 Prospects identified? Like a lot of agencies, this member agency didn't have them identified either.

Working with our Coaches, they were able to identify their Future Ideal Clients - FICs are different than just suspects or prospects. Once the tools and systems were in place to target these accounts, selling was the easy part.

They did over $750k in new business from identified prospects in one year alone!

If your agency is ready to start:

  • Targeting ideal accounts
  • Using a sales system that sets you apart
  • Visibly track progress & accountability to reach a common goal

Sitkins is the Solution for you. We invite you to apply for membership if you're ready for get your agency to its Best Version Possible.


Membership Overview


Long before membership programs were even a blip on the radar, Sitkins Group, Inc. created the first ever elite membership program within the independent insurance agency world. Our programs, combined with our world-class coaching, have changed the lives of insurance professionals exponentially.

Real Results

Actual results achieved by Network agencies.

  • $750,000+ new commission by focusing on their Top 100 Future Ideal Clients
  • 29% Growth in one year
  • From 5% to 13% to 18% Organic Growth in 3 years

Sitkins Network Members are routinely featured in Rough Notes magazine

Training Programs for Multiple Areas of Your Agency

Personalized Coaching

If you've ever played sports at any level, you understand the importance of a great coach. Someone who can motivate and drive you to achieve things you never thought you could do. That's exactly what our Sitkins coaches do. Using their years of owning & running agencies, producing, and coaching, they'll help you and your team achieve results you never believed you could.


Once you become a member of The Sitkins Network, the first order of business will be your Professional Fitness (ProFit) Assessment. During this in-depth call you'll: Look at your current numbers (revenue, revenue per producer, closing ratio, etc.) to establish your agency baseline. Develop a customized plan for your agency for your first year. Have monthly one-on-one coaching (either by phone or video chat) with your assigned coach. Identify the strategies and projects you need to put in place over the next month to achieve your documented goals.

Meet our Coaches

Our coaching staff is made up of some of the most dedicated insurance professionals you'll ever meet. The #1 goal for all of them is to help our member agencies achieve the greatest results possible. Coming from varying backgrounds in insurance, they have a depth of knowledge about independent insurance agencies unparalleled in our industry.

Founder & CEO
  • Started in his parents agency in MI & inducted into the MI Insurance Hall of Fame
  • Created more $1M+ Producers than any other agency coach
  • Co-Developer of the Dynamics of Sales Program used industry-wide
Vice President
  • Top 12 Young Agent in 2012 by Agent & Broker Magazine
  • Certified Leadership Coach of the Maxwell Team & shared the stage with John Maxwell in 2017
  • Host of the popular Agent Leader podcast & Rough Notes contributor

Other Membership Benefits


Membership in The Sitkins Network comes with territorial exclusivity. Once you're in, your competitors can't get in. The only agency in your area with access to our selling system. First right of refusal on any future members in your territory. Open idea sharing with other members without fear of your competitors stealing your trade secrets.


We are firm believers in not re-creating the wheel. You'll have full access to our online library of tools and templates. Items like:

  • Producer Performance Agreement
  • Future Ideal Client Profiles
  • Relationship Management Calendars
  • One Page Business Plan
  • High Performance Team Contract
  • Producer Annual Planning Guide Plus, much more!

Selling System

Wouldn't it just be easy to tell your Producers, "Here, follow this." That's exactly what The Risk Concierge Program does. Available only to members of The Sitkins Network, our proprietary sales system lays out the entire process step-by-step. We'll even give you the templates to customize!

  • Online training available on-demand
  • Detailed steps in the process from the first initial meeting through close
  • What you should do once they become a client
  • Promise keeping to ensure you keep the account year after year

One Solution for Your Agency

What's Included

Membership fees include all of the following:

  • A personalized agency plan
  • Quarterly reports (based on plan/metrics)
  • Monthly coaching calls with Leadership team
  • Monthly Sales Meeting
  • Producer Annual Planning Workshop
  • Virtual ProducerFit
  • Virtual Account ManagerFit
  • Virtual CROFit
  • Virtual CEOFit
  • The Better Way University (for SCL/PL)
  • Bi-Monthly Better Way Coaching Sessions
  • Tools, templates & video library
  • Peer community

In-person programs have a cost per person.

  • ProFitNet - $695/person
  • Elite 50 - $2,500/Producer

What You Get

  • A steam-lined sales process and increased sales
  • More commission with the same or less number of clients
  • Harmonious sales & service teams working together, not against each other
  • Improved leadership skills for you and your management team
  • Monthly accountability with your very own coach
  • Month-to-month agency improvement that would take you years on your own

We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are.

Money Back Guarantee

Plus, as with all of our programs, membership comes with our 100% Money Back Guarantee. If your agency doesn't grow by at least the cost of your annual membership, we'll give you your money back.



Steps to Membership

If you're ready to find out more about how membership in The Sitkins Network can improve not only your agency, but your life overall, complete the steps below.

  1. APPLY - Click below to complete the application.
  2. REVIEW - Once your application is received our team will check for territorial availability. Once your territory has been cleared, you'll receive an email to schedule your Discovery Call.
  3. CALL - Once your Discovery Call is scheduled, you'll receive a Pre-Session Questionnaire. You must complete this questionnaire prior to your call.
  4. DECIDE - After your Discovery Call, you and your team can decide if membership is right for you.

Connect With a Consultant

Not sure if membership is right for you but still think Sitkins is the Solution your agency needs? Fill out the form to have a Sitkins Group coach contact you.