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Scary Trends Facing Independent Insurance Agencies

Independent insurance agencies are facing all or most of these industry trends. Sitkins Group, Inc. has the solutions to help your agency not only overcome these challenges, but thrive.

Low Organic Growth

Do you ever feel like "it's coming in the front door and going out the back?" With no set selling system, it's just another opportunity to "wing it." Winging it is not repeatable.

Anemic Pipelines

Even with a low closing ratio, if your pipelines are full you'll do OK! The goal is to have pipelines overflowing with more future clients than you have time for.

Lack of Processes

Without having your agency's way of doing business, there's no accountability, no vision or plan. 

Strayed Away from the Basics

We believe there are few basic things every agency must master to achieve great results. Don't mistake basics for easy, because if it were easy, everyone would do it.

Attracting, Training & Retaining Staff

Finding & keeping great talent might be the #1 problem facing agencies today. Finding the right people, training them & keeping them engaged is crucial to your agency's success.

Client Retention

Today's agencies are facing increased competition, digital disruption & are easily replaced. Improving your client retention will improve your bottom line.

Insurance Company Problems

Independent agencies are facing more demands than ever from insurance companies, while facing decreased commissions. This is a crucial relationship you can no longer ignore.

Profit & Value Vulnerability

What if you had no contingency/profit sharing revenue, or lost the Top 2% of your clients, or lost that profitable Producer that is subsidizing the unprofitable Producers. Most agencies are on the verge of bankruptcy and don't know it.

Insurance Agency Training Programs

Maximize your insurance agency's talent and profits with coaching from Sitkins Group programs:

Agency Results Challenge

If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you always got! The Agency Results Challenge will h...

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The Better Way University

Let's face it - you and your agency want to grow your revenues & profits. You probably want to keep improving th...

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The Sitkins Blog

Get insurance insider tips and motivation from Roger Sitkins and Brent Kelly. The motivation and knowledge your insurance agency needs.

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Complimentary Tools

We've put together a package of our most requested tools and video series for independent insurance agents to use. 

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No Practice Quoting

Our gift to you - download a copy of our popular No Practice Quoting poster to keep on your desk as a daily reminder. 


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