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Solving the biggest frustrations for agency owners

For most agency owners, the obvious answer to a lot of problems is more sales. "If I could just get my Producers to actually produce..." While that's true, what most agency owners don't realize is that there's actually a very important step before that. That's why the first step in our Agency Transformation ProcessTM starts with teamwork. The thee biggest frustrations we see all the time are:

  1. People
  2. Money
  3. Time


Do you feel more like a referee than an agency owner? Why does it always seem like sales & service are working against each other? Why don't your Producers spend more time selling? Because for so long, the norm has been for these two vital functions to be at odds with each other, instead of teammates working toward a common goal.


Money won't solve all your problems, but it sure makes it easier. In an industry where 90% retention is common, this false security hides the real truth. That an agency has to grow by 33% every four years just to stay even. If you feel like you're constantly playing catch up, you probably are.


Time is our only diminishing asset. Nobody ever has enough of it, and we all want more of it. But high-performers have the exact same amount of hours in a day, a week, and a year as poor-performers. High-performers just know how to use it better.

Our All-Inclusive membership provides insurance agencies with a holistic approach to transform the entire agency. Reduce people issues. Improve sales and retention. Use time more productively.
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One Solution for Your Agency 

Increase your agency's profits by investing in your team.

Core Programs

Get your entire agency on the same page from day one.
Get unlimited access to all of our training programs for less than what it costs to hire an average employee.
All of our core programs start quarterly.


ProducerFit - Increase sales, have full pipelines, and create the perfect schedule that allows for more freedom. Our easy-to-use strategies have been proven time and time again.

Monthly Sales Meeting - Join our coaches and fellow members once a month on a Livestream, interactive sales meeting. Each month build on what your Producers already learned at ProFit or develop new skills.


Account ManagerFit - Do you ever think to yourself, "Why can't sales and service just get along?" It's because they are two unique skill sets that essentially speak two different languages.

Our training program for your service team helps bridge that gap and get everybody on the same page.


Coach the Coach - Your Sales Leaders are the Chief Revenue Officer of your agency. They'll learn strategies and tools to help them keep your Producers on track to hit their sales goals.


The Better Way University - Contrary to popular belief, we're not anti-small account, we're anti-unprofitable account. Get access to our on-demand program for small commercial & personal lines departments. There are over 50 learning modules available, plus bi-monthly live coaching sessions.

Deep Dives

Once you've completed the core programs, you'll do a deep dive into the areas your agency needs most.

These on-demand modules are broken down into 90-day sprints. Easily implement change following our step-by-step guides. Then once a month, hop online with other success-minded agencies for our Monthly Deep Dive Mastermind sessions. These small-group virtual roundtables give you the chance to "work out the kinks" with input from not only the Sitkins Coaches, but other agencies who have been where you are today.

Continued Reinforcement

As Roger famously jokes, "It worked so well, we stopped doing it." Membership gives you constant reinforcement and accountability.

One time training does not work! Memories are short, people get complacent, new employees are hired. Since membership is all-inclusive, your employees will always have access to our programs. Whether for a refresher or part of your on-boarding process for new hires. Plus, access to our library of tools and templates. Put training for your entire agency on auto-pilot.

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Yeah, but...

Your silent business partner - Dr. Yabut. He's the one that tells you, "Yeah, but":

  • I don't have time for this | If not now, then when?
  • My team won't buy in | They can and they will; we'll show you how.
  • That won't work here | These strategies work in any market or agency.
  • It will be a waste of money | Most of our members recoup the cost of investment on just one new account written by a single Producer.

Membership is an investment in your agency, but it also has a reward. Improved teamwork and efficiencies. Increased retention, account rounding and improved sales. All of this adds up to increased agency profit and value. Plus, as with all of our programs, there's a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

For every $100,000 in lost revenue, agencies lose $1,000,000 in value.
Stop leaving money on the table.

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