Turn Your Independent Insurance Agency into its Best Version Possible

Best Version Possible: The blueprint for achieving even greater profit and impact in your agency, with less effort

By Roger Sitkins & Brent Kelly

After being in the trenches with leaders building Best Version Possible agencies for 40 years, we’re confident we have the blueprint. And the blueprint is in this book waiting for you.

Your Best Version Possible agency is closer than you think, and radically better, more profitable, and easier to run than the average independent insurance agency.

If you're an agency leader who is tired of just “doing ok” and want to experience your Best Version Possible, then this book is for you.

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Why we wrote this book

We’ve been helping independent insurance agencies transform from “doing ok” into their Best Version Possible™ Agency for four decades now. Order now if you're ready to:

  • Work a lot less, while making a lot more
  • Get rid of employee drama and gossip for good
  • Grow operating profit by 5x, 10x, and even more
  • Increase agency value by 2x-3x (resulting in a big payday at the end of your career)
  • Turn toxic cultures into dream workplaces, where producers produce and service staff wow clients every day