Your Agency's Best Version Possible Process

4 Steps to Agency Transformation

1. Align

From day one, get your Sales, Service & Leadership teams speaking a common language and working toward the same goal with our virtual programs. Stop the adversarial relationship that often exists between sales and service.

2. Green Zone

Get Producers out of their own way. Provide structure and a process that allows them to spend at least 80% of their time on sales related activities.

3. Retain & Refer 

Improve your client experience to keep the accounts you want to keep, and turn them into raving fans for the accounts you want to win.

4. Obtain

A systematic approach to identify, target, and obtain your agency's ideal clients. 

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How it works:

Our membership plans allow you to get your entire agency on the same page from day one. 

  1.  Live, interactive virtual learning programs run quarterly. Get unlimited access for every member of your agency to our proven programs.

  2. Deep library of on-demand modules & templates. Access to our Risk Concierge Program - your agency's new proven sales process - templates, tools, and more for continued success.

  3. Ongoing positive reinforcement. Let us run the meetings! Monthly Sales Meetings, Quarterly Sales & Service Meetings, Leadership Masterminds, Leadership Coaching Calls and more keep you on track.

  4. Enroll as many of your team members, as often as you like. The best never stop learning.

That's it. It really is that simple. You don't have to lead alone. Mastermind with other growth-minded leaders, million dollar producers, and more industry leaders on your agency's path to its Best Version Possible.

Improved team alignment, leads to increased time spent selling, improved client retention and referrals, and a systematic process for obtaining your ideal clients.

The bottom line is all of this increases your agency value. 

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Ready to Sell More, Retain More, and Earn More?

Have one of our coaches contact you to learn more.

1. Live, interactive programs

Virtual doesn't have to be boring! We've pioneered delivering effective and engaging virtual training in the insurance industry. Our core programs start quarterly and are designed for total teams to attend within close proximity of each other. That way, sales isn't getting a message that service won't hear until months later. Our core programs consist of: 


2. On-demand library

Our on-demand library is full of videos and templates that you can access at any time.

  • Is your agency struggling with teamwork? Check out the DEEP Dive module on High Performance Teams. 
  • Do you want your Producers to focus on networking for the next quarter? Download our Network Planning Guide.
  • Stuck trying to craft your 30-second commercial? Download our template and watch a video with samples.

 We give you the tools and resources to make your job as an agency leader easier.

Plus, access to our proprietary sales system - The Risk Concierge ProgramTM.

3. Ongoing positive reinforcement

We are firm believers that one time events do not work! That's why we offer regularly scheduled workshops to help keep you and your team on track.

  • 10 scheduled sales meetings throughout the year. Roger or Brent will lead a sales meeting for you. Quarterly these become joint sales & service meetings.
  • Bi-monthly coaching sessions for small commercial and personal lines.
  • Quarterly leadership mastermind sessions for agency leaders. 

4. Continual Improvement

You know how you catch something you previously missed when you re-watch one of your favorite movies? It's the same thing with all of our training. One of the greatest benefits of membership, is being able to "re-watch" as many times as you want. Plus, as your agency grows, the natural progression is to hire new team members. As you make new hires, you can make our training part of your regular on-boarding process. 

Keep the momentum going in your agency to increase sales and agency value. 

Benefits of Membership

  • Simplify - We've taken 40+ years of insurance knowledge to create a proven process for you to follow.
  • Learn - Not only from our coaches but from a community of growth-minded, committed agency leaders.
  • Jump Start - Get everyone in your agency on the same page from day 1 to start seeing results sooner.
  • Reinforce - Recurring coaching workshops and on-demand content to keep your team focused. 
  • Flat Fee - A monthly fee per agency, not person, so you know exactly what it will cost.


What to Expect

  • Total team alignment - Sales & service working together; same goal, different roles
  • Increased Sales - Producers spending at least 80% of their time selling 
  • Increased Retention - Improved client experience leads to increased retention
  • Increased Referrals - Turn your existing clients into your #1lead source
  • Increased Focus - Identification of the new clients you want and a plan to get them
  • Increased Agency Value - For each new $100,000 in commission income added, your agency value will increase by $1,000,000+

Success Stories

Below are just a few of the results member agencies have experienced.

  • 5.5% to 13.9% Organic Growth
  • 2 BORs in 90 Minutes
  • 63% Increase in sales
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What you get

Our memberships offer unlimited access to:

  • Sales Training - ProducerFit
  • Service Training -  Account ManagerFit
  • Sales Leadership Training - Coach the Coach
  • Agency Leadership Training - Leadership Masterminds
  • Regularly scheduled meetings and workshops for sales, service, small commercial/personal lines and agency leadership
  • DEEP Dive library of on-demand modules and templates
  • Access to our proprietary sales system - The Risk Concierge ProgramTM.

In addition to unlimited access, you'll also get:

  • A community of successful, results-oriented agencies
  • Exclusive attendance to our annual Networking Summit meeting
  • Deep discounts for Producers that are a part of the Elite 50 program
  • Peace of mind, knowing that you are following a proven process with a 40+ year track record of proven results

We believe so strongly in process, that all of our programs are 100% money back guaranteed. If you don't see results, cancel anytime and we'll refund your money.

If you're ready to get started, click below to schedule a call. 

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