Our producer training program creates more Million Dollar Producers than any other program in the industry. Increase your sales, have full pipelines and create the perfect schedule that allows for more freedom.


Next session starts January 20

We're excited to announce a fourth session of our virtual producer sales training program! This program propels Producers from good to great. If you want to become a better producer and achieve your goals, sign up now!

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What can you gain from attending our online producer sales training program? In just 8  weeks, producers will:

  • Develop skills to improve their time spent selling
  • Be spending 80% of their time in sales related activities
  • Have 10 appointments per week
  • Take great care of and begin replicating vital few clients
  • Have great pipelines
  • Begin holding themselves accountable to get great results.


This isn't your basic one-time training. Eight sessions help you connect with other success-minded producers, follow up on your progress, and continue your growth.

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Successful producers have a winning plan, sales coaching, and self-accountability. That’s why producers that attend ProducerFit perform at their highest level and win!win.

  • The Power of the 80/20 Rule – How to focus on and replicate the vital few versus the trivial many in everything you do.
  • The Four R’s Focus – It’s all about Results, Relationships, Retention and Referrals
  • Me, Inc. – How to maximize the results of your “Company” (your book of business) and drive massively improved personal profitability.
  • The Producer's Improvement Cycle – There are four specific phases that all great producers go through.
  • Why People Buy – It is not what you may think.
  • Pipeline Building – How to get to overflowing pipelines and more Opportunities than Time.
  • Probing & Listening Skills – How to ask questions that get to the true buying motives.
  • Situation Management – Not time management. How to get yourself into the right situations at the right time.
  • The Producer's Perfect Schedule – Time is your only diminishing asset. How you use the time is crucial.
  • ROPE – Referral Only Production Explosion – How great will it be when the vast majority of your new business comes from Referrals or Introductions?
  • The Four Exit Barriers – How to install the four strategies that lead to 100% effective retention.

"ProducerFit had such a positive impact on me, it allowed me to build roughly a $4m of revenue book of business. It teaches you habits and how to be successful in the industry."

Derek Kimmel

"Roger has been a coach and confidante of mine for over 20 years and has helped me grow as an insurance and risk management professional. My multi-million commission book of business has quintupled because of the strategies and behaviors learned from Sitkins. If you want to separate yourself from the pack, Roger and the Sitkins’ Coaches are for you. If you are happy being average, call someone else. Roger and his team are the best!"

Mark Shipp
HUB International

"I have been through a lot of training courses. This course stands apart from the rest for many reasons, but I believe the #1 reason is the concept of self-focus, specifically mindset. It is a core component of the sales process. This is an area that many of us are working on, and Roger / Brent’s real-life examples help immeasurably. I really appreciate how deep we go in the training. I’m able to apply it to my day-to-day in real time. "

Brad Abramson
Marsh USA

"The virtual aspect has been very comparable to being in person, especially with the frequent breakouts. COVID-19 has changed my mindset on being able to work efficiently from remote locations, and this virtual seminar is no different. It's been seamless…"

Greg Steele
Construction Risk Partners


Each session will give you a winning plan, sales coaching, and self-accountability. The format for this Virtual ProducerFit training program will consist of eight LIVE and engaging sessions. This will not be speakers lecturing you.

2 hour sessions (plus optional 30 minutes of Q&A at the end) hosted from 11:00 am-1:30 pm ET:

Session 1: January 20
Session 2: January 27
Session 3: February 3
Session 4: February 10
Session 5: February 16
Session 6: February 23
Session 7: March 2
Session 8: March 9

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