The Original Producer Sales Training Program

With Roger Sitkins & Brent Kelly


Creating More $1,000,000 Producers Than Any Other Sales Program in the Insurance Industry


Increase your sales, have full pipelines and create the perfect schedule that allows for more freedom with ProducerFit.

ProducerFit is the ultimate insurance sales training program

Our virtual producer sales program propels both new and veteran Producers from good to great.

What can you gain from attending our online producer sales training program? In just 8 weeks, producers will:

  • Develop skills to improve your time spent selling
  • Be spending 80% of your time in sales-related activities
  • Have 10 appointments per week
  • Take great care of, and begin replicating, vital few clients
  • Have great pipelines
  • Begin holding yourself accountable to get great results.


Download our detailed agenda to see exactly what is covered in each session.

This isn't your basic one-time sales training. 

Eight sessions help you connect with other success-minded producers, follow up on your progress, and continue your growth.

What past attendees have to say

This was the best sales class that I have participated in. I really enjoyed the program that gave me the framework and tips to practice each week. Every session was a review of the prior week and information to build on the next. I would recommend this to any insurance professional looking to increase their sales!

- Mark Y., Gunn-Mowery

As a new agent in this industry, I couldn't have asked or scripted a better program to help me jumpstart my career! The virtual training experience has been quite enjoyable. Roger and Brent do a wonderful job in engaging with energy and ferocity. I enjoy the interaction between the presentations and discussions.

- Evan G., Dostal & Kirk

This course was exceptional at tangibly laying out how to be a better professional. As a very new producer, ProFit has helped me map out what I want my standard of excellence to be going forward, and having these tools and perspective to help me prevent many of the common service pitfalls is priceless.

– Aaron C.

Before taking this program, I wasn't aware of how to build a good book of business. This program provides the best resources and knowledge on how to grow your book whether you are a first year producer or experienced.

- Aaron R.

I have been through a lot of training courses. This course stands apart from the rest for many reasons, but I believe the #1 reason is the concept of self-focus, specifically mindset. It is a core component of the sales process. This is an area that many of us are working on, and Roger/Brent’s real-life examples help immeasurably. I really appreciate how deep we go in the training. I’m able to apply it to my day-to-day in real time.

Brad A., Marsh USA

I have increased my book by 14% since the beginning of this class. In large part due to approaching the right clients for the book I want to build and having conversations that go beyond price with my clients. Both mindsets that were hammered home during our discussions.

– Dillan P.

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Successful producers have a winning plan, sales coaching, and self-accountability. That’s why producers that attend ProducerFit perform at their highest level and win!

  • The Power of the 80/20 Rule – How to focus on and replicate the vital few versus the trivial many in everything you do.
  • The Four R’s Focus – It’s all about Results, Relationships, Retention and Referrals
  • Me, Inc. – How to maximize the results of your “Company” (your book of business) and drive massively improved personal profitability.
  • The Producer's Improvement Cycle – There are four specific phases that all great producers go through.
  • Why People Buy – It is not what you may think.
  • Pipeline Building – How to get to overflowing pipelines and more Opportunities than Time.
  • Probing & Listening Skills – How to ask questions that get to the true buying motives.
  • Situation Management – Not time management. How to get yourself into the right situations at the right time.
  • The Producer's Perfect Schedule – Time is your only diminishing asset. How you use your time during the week is crucial.
  • ROPE – Referral Only Production Explosion – How great will it be when the vast majority of your new business comes from Referrals or Introductions?
  • The Four Exit Barriers – How to install the four strategies that lead to 100% effective retention.

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The Fall session is now closed. Registration is open for the first ProducerFit class of 2022!

Don't miss your opportunity to attend our next ProducerFit. Each session will give you a winning plan, sales coaching, and self-accountability. The format for this Virtual ProducerFit training program will consist of eight LIVE and engaging training sessions. 

2-hour sessions (plus optional 30 minutes of Q&A at the end) hosted from 11:00 am-1:30 pm ET:

  • Session 1: January 11
  • Session 2: January 18
  • Session 3: January 25
  • Session 4: February 1
  • Session 5: February 8
  • Session 6: February 15
  • Session 7: February 22
  • Session 8: March 1


Non-Member Registration

Cost is $1197/Producer. Registration is included in our All-Inclusive or Sitkins Network memberships.


Member Registration

If your agency has an All-Inclusive or Sitkins Network membership, you have unlimited registration.