The ART of Account Management

(Appreciation, Rapport & Trust)

Get your Producers and their Service teams on the same page  and achieving higher goals faster than ever.


Account ManagerFit

This virtual service training program will teach your account managers the ART (Appreciation, Rapport & Trust) that needs to be a part of their everyday approach. In just 4 Weeks:

  • Account managers will have a deep understanding of the Sitkins core strategies
  • Get everyone in the agency "speaking the same language"
  • Allow Producers the freedom to dramatically increase their time spent selling
  • Improve the client experience and increase retention
  • Raise Revenue per Relationship, along with Revenue & Spread Per Employee
  • High-Performance Teams will take on a crucial role in the agency



Download our detailed agenda to see exactly what is covered in each session.

This isn't your basic one-time training. 

Four sessions help you connect with other success-minded AMs, follow up on your progress, and continue your growth.


Heidi Wlodarczyk

"I have taken similar programs before but something was different about AmFit at the very end... Where am I today, Where do I want to go, and How do I get there? This changed my focus to not my individual work or colleagues but to management and what is working and not working and what I expect out of them especially with procedural standards, training and education."

Next Session Starts Tuesday, August 15, 2024

The format for this Virtual Account ManagerFit training program will consist of four engaging online sessions. 

Four 90-minute sessions with an optional 30 minutes of Q&A at the end, running from 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm ET.

  • Session 1: August 13
  • Session 2: August 27
  • Session 3: September 10
  • Session 4: September 24

Non-Member Registration

Cost is $297/Account Manager


Member Registration

If your agency has an All-Inclusive or Sitkins Network membership, you have unlimited registration.