The Risk Concierge ProgramTM

Change the Way Your Agency Plays the Game

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Exclusive Sales System of The Sitkins Network - Private Client Group

In an industry where direct writers are spending billions of dollars annually to tell your clients and future ideal clients, that they don't need you, it's getting harder and harder to stand out from the crowd.

But what can't be replaced is the human connection. At the end of the day, people still want to know that they matter, are cared for and protected.

Download Our Overview Guide

Step-by-Step Guide

  • Know exactly who's supposed to do what and when
  • Implementation action plan
  • Presentation & editing tips

Easy to use Templates

  • Formatted in Word for easy merging
  • Templates for letters/emails, workbooks & marketing materials
  • NEW! Virtual Presentation templates

Quarterly Webinars

  • Regular system updates
  • Live role play scenarios from Roger Sitkins & Brent Kelly
  • Practice time for Produceres

What's Included

Our system is designed to be easy to use, from initial marketing to sales to continuations.

How-To Materials

  • Color-coded flow chart
  • Technical instructions
  • Action Plan template

Marketing Materials

  • The 12 Questions your current insurance agent hopes you never ask flyer
  • "The Big Story" press release template
  • Referral introduction letter template
  • Points to Ponder flyer
  • The Risk Management Iceberg poster

Sales Materials

  • Appointment confirmation templates
  • Executive Briefing template
  • The Risk Assessment Workshop template
  • The Risk Management Plan template
  • Follow up letter templates

Continuation Process Materials

  • Promise Report template

Regular Updates

  • Quarterly online workshops with Brent Kelly and/or Roger Sitkins. For both skill practice and system updates.

What's Required

Introduction to the selling system really starts at ProducerFit. Once your Producers have completed that program, they will leave with the mindset and clarity of how the selling system works and why it's so important.

From there, we do suggest that you assign someone in your agency to be in charge of implementation. They will:

  • Become familiar with all the materials
  • Hold a joint meeting with Producers & management to identify the value added services that you currently provide and any that should be added
  • Document process for service delivery
  • Customize the documents to your agency: add logo, list of services, etc.
  • Introduce the new system to your entire agency
  • Hold regularly scheduled practice sessions for your Producers

How to get our selling system

  1. Complete the application for The Sitkins Network - Private Client Group
  2. Schedule a discovery call with Brent Kelly
  3. Decide if membership is right for your agency
  4. Producers complete ProducerFit
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