How did a Producer with a $1,000,000 book of business grow by 43%+?

By implementing the behaviors and strategies learned at ProducerFit.



Even Producers with a large book of business can get trapped.

The dollar amount doesn't matter - you can get stuck at any level, if you:

  • Don't spend enough time selling
  • Give the same level of time to your C Accounts as your A Accounts
  • Don't understand that you have A Accounts and C Accounts
  • Give a quote to anyone that can fog up a mirror
  • Don't have a targeted list of ideal clients
  • Spend your days being busy instead of getting results

The Results

Using these key strategies and behaviors taught at ProducerFit, this Producer was able to identify what areas he needed to work on and he hit the ground running! Following our proven strategies, he was able to add an additional 43%+ (over $430,000) to his book. That's commission, not premium.

Today he continues to grow his book targeting ideal clients and is even a member of our Elite 50!

Interested in getting results like this for you or your Producers?