How To End the Good Quarter/Bad Quarter Cycle


One of the biggest challenges all agencies face is consistent sales.

In most agencies, you see the Good Quarter/Bad Quarter Cycle. A Producer prospects like crazy, starts getting sales, prospecting falls off, sales start trailing behind it, they panic and start prospecting again. It's a never ending cycle that leads to the typical good quarter, bad quarter, good quarter, bad quarter.

The #1 mistake most agencies make is celebrating busy. Do you want results or do you want to be really busy? As a sales organization/Producer, you can grow at any level you want!

What does a results based agency/Producer look like?

  • November 2019 - November 2020 even during COVID -  Organic Growth increase by 63%
  • 98% Effective Retention
  • Hitting an entire years sales goal by the 1st quarter of the year

Are you ready to be a results based agency?

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