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Our agency results coaches, Roger Sitkins and Brent Kelly, provide total insurance agency training through a comprehensive knowledge bank of tools, training programs, workshops, and networking events. We help transform agency leaders so you're focused on a clear plan to guide your team to financial success.

For over 35 years, the Sitkins coaches have shared a dedication to improving the independent insurance agency that is unparalleled. Our coaches have transformed the careers, and lives, of thousands of insurance producers and agency leaders.

Let us help you find your path to Sell More, Retain More, Earn More and Lead More. 

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Roger Sitkins,
Chief Executive Officer

Roger Sitkins is the CEO of Sitkins Group, Inc. and developer of The Sitkins Network and The Better Way Agency program. Roger has trained and mentored thousands of insurance professionals. Producers, CEOs, sales managers, and CSRs with diverse levels of experience have benefited tremendously from his training and leadership.

Recognized as the nation’s top insurance agency results coach, he has often been the keynote speaker for national, state and local agents’ association events. Author of “Winning Strategies,” a monthly column that has been published in more than 150 issues of Rough Notes magazine, Roger is the most widely read of all the publication’s columnists.

Roger is a committed advocate of improvement, believing that if you improve the life of one person, you improve the world. He graciously pays it forward through generous acts of kindness and by continuously seeking opportunities to provide a bigger, better, brighter future to those in need.

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Brent Kelly, 

Brent M. Kelly is a motivating influencer, coach and speaker who has a passion for helping insurance agencies maximize their performance. He spent 15 years in the insurance industry as a successful commercial lines producer and was named one of the top 12 young agents in the country in 2012.

Brent is a Certified Leadership Coach of the Maxwell Team and shared the stage with John Maxwell in 2017. 

As the host of the popular Agent Leader podcast and a Rough Notes contributor, Brent's focus is to help insurance professionals gain influence, expand their potential, and grow their book of business,

Brent resides in central Illinois with his wife Traci and their five children. 


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For more than three decades, Sitkins Group has been helping agencies achieve goals most never thought possible.

Both of our coaches, and many of our clients, are routinely featured in Rough Notes magazine.

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The Sitkins Group Coaches provide independent insurance agency owners and producers with the training programs and knowledge they need to grow their agency into its Best Version Possible.

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