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Insurance Agency Coaching & Consulting

Increase your agency profitability and efficiency with Sitkins Group insurance agency consulting services. Roger Sitkins and Brent Kelly provide agency training through a comprehensive knowledge bank of tools, training videos, workshops, and networking events to transform you into a confident, focused leader with a clear plan and discipline to guide your team to financial success.

For over 35 years, Roger Sitkins and his coaches have been some of the most sought after insurance agency consultants in the industry. The coaches at Sitkins Group share a dedication to improving the independent insurance agency that is unparalleled.

Roger Sitkins, Chief Executive Officer

Roger Sitkins is the CEO of Sitkins Group, Inc. and developer of The Sitkins Network and The Better Way Agency program. Roger has trained and mentored thousands of insurance professionals. Producers, CEOs, sales managers, and CSRs with diverse levels of experience have benefited tremendously from his training and leadership.

Recognized as the nation’s top insurance agency results coach, he has often been the keynote speaker for national, state and local agents’ association events. Author of “Winning Strategies,” a monthly column that has been published in more than 150 issues of Rough Notes magazine, Roger is the most widely read of all the publication’s columnists.

Roger is a committed advocate of improvement, believing that if you improve the life of one person, you improve the world. He graciously pays it forward through generous acts of kindness and by continuously seeking opportunities to provide a bigger, better, brighter future to those in need.

Brent Kelly, Vice President

Brent M. Kelly is a motivating influencer, coach and speaker who has a passion for helping insurance agencies maximize their performance. He spent 15 years in the insurance industry as a successful commercial lines producer and was named one of the top 12 young agents in the country in 2012.

Brent is a Certified Leadership Coach of the Maxwell Team and shared the stage with John Maxwell in 2017. 

As the host of the popular Agent Leader podcast and a Rough Notes contributor, Brent's focus is to help insurance professionals gain influence, expand their potential, and grow their book of business,

Brent resides in central Illinois with his wife Traci and their five children. 


Insurance Coaching Programs

The Sitkins Group Coaches provide independent insurance agency owners and producers with the training programs and knowledge they need to grow their agency into its Best Version Possible.


Virtual Producer Sales Training

Producers and CROs will achieve increasing levels of success at ProducerFit. Our insurance sales training program creates more Million Dollar Producers than any other program in the industry. Increase your sales, have full pipelines and create the perfect schedule that allows for more freedom. 

The Better Way Agency

Improve your agency results by focusing on the 8 critical agency management functions of your agency.

Full access to the Better Way University of videos, workbooks and tools, bimonthly training webinars and question and answer chat sessions.

The Sitkins Network

Exclusive Annual Membership Program

Give your agency the clarity, confidence and capability to Sell More, Retain More and Earn More.

Exclusive, territory-based network of high performing agencies.

Access to The ProFit Experience & The Risk Concierge Program™


"My firm made the classic move, it took the firm's best salesman and made him the CEO. Me. I had no idea how to run or lead an insurance agency. I was lucky to find Roger Sitkins and his CEO training camp. I attended the camps, completed the real world training exercises and compiled the workbook. That workbook became the blueprint I followed for 25 years. We were able to grow our firm from $8 million in revenue to over $50 million during those years. In addition, we sent sales people and sales managers to those respective camps, with great success. Now retired, I look back on Roger's training as a real key to a long and successful career."

Marc Zanger

"We thoroughly enjoyed having Brent Kelly as the keynote presenter for our recent conference. Not only was he incredibly easy to work with, but his message resonated with our audience and we received rave reviews about the entire event, in large part thanks to Brent."

Allyson Knott, CMP

"We have worked with Sitkins for many years and have only superlatives to say about the organization and its creative, constructive approach to Agency differentiation and vertical growth planning"

Murray & MacDonald Insurance Services, Inc.

"A big thank you to Roger Sitkins and Brent Kelly for leading the way for our new "family". I think we can all agree being together during ProducerFit, we made friends for life, and gained the tools and skills necessary to catapult the speed and path our careers are about to take."

Mark Trigonoplos
Atlantic Shield Insurance Group

"You guys have put together a great plan for us to grow. There’s a lot of basics involved in insurance and this has given us a great way to relay the basic information in the industry to our team. I have a seasoned team, and sometimes relaying that information to them, is an eye rolling experience…but I think you guys have a nice way of delivering this message and setting us up on a month by month basis for what we need to focus on and how that can really help us grow."

Mike Champan

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