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A collection of resources for independent insurance agency owners and producers from the Sitkins Coaches

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Sales Improvement Meetings

Dec 01, 2022

Get More Buy In With Your Agency Team

Nov 16, 2022

Challenges and Opportunities for Agencies with Kevin Stipe of Reaga...

Nov 09, 2022

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Best Version Possible 


The blueprint for achieving even greater profit and impact in your agency, with less effort.

By Roger Sitkins & Brent Kelly


Paperback, ebook, and Audiobook


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Winning Strategies

Roger Sitkins provides insights to insurance agencies owners and producers on how to achieve higher levels of success, which will allow them to live higher qualities of life.

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The Agent Leader

Brent M. Kelly provides a motivational, weekly leadership podcast to provide purposeful and inspiring business growth for insurance professionals.

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The Clear Path to the Future

35 years of wisdom packed into a comprehensive white paper. This download is meant to help agents and agency owners identify and capitalize on opportunities.



We've helped transform hundreds of independent agencies. Read real results from real agency owners, producers, and industry leaders who we've worked with.


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