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Professional Fitness for your agency. Registration is per person. All of our stand-alone programs are available for unlimited registration in our membership programs.

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2022 Producer Annual Planning Guide

Get ready for 2022 with a solid plan to hit your sales goals.

 $97/Producer for non-members.
Unlimited registration for members.

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Agency Training Programs


8-Week Virtual Sales Training Program

Increase your sales, have full pipelines, and create the perfect schedule that allows for more freedom.

$1197/Producer for non-members.
Unlimited registration for members.

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The Elite 50

3 Hybrid Sessions
In-Person or Online

The best of the best. Only graduates of the ProducerFit program are eligible to apply.

$5000/Producer for non-members. $2500/Producer for members.

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4-Week Virtual Sales Leader Training Program

Equip your Sales Leaders with the skills and strategies to guide your Producers to reaching their goals.

$695/Sales Leader for non-members.
Unlimited registration for members.

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Account ManagerFit

4-Week Service Training Program

Get your Producers and their Service teams on the same page and achieving higher goals faster than ever.

Unlimited registration for members.

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CEO Boot Camp

5-Week Virtual Leadership Program for Current & Future CEOs

$997/Agency for non-members.
Registration included for members.

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The Better Way

On-demand training for PL & SCL

$197/month/location for non-members.
Registration included for members.

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Recent Webinars

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Cultivating an Environment of Growth

What separates the highest growth independent agencies from the rest? In this virtual workshop, Brent Kelly will share the three keys to unlock agency growth.

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How to 3x Your Agency's Growth

Training is not a substitute for
management and leadership.
Don't miss this transformational FREE workshop!

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Five Mistakes CEO's Make

Free Webinar for agency leaders. Roger Sitkins and Brent Kelly walk you through five of the biggest mistakes insurance agency CEOs make, and how to avoid them.

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The Three Biggest Challenges All Agencies Face

People Issues

How to Move From High Maintenance to High Performance Teams

There is an inherent conflict in most agencies between their sales and service teams. Learn how to get these two vital functions on the same page.

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Money Issues

How to End the Good Quarter/Bad Quarter Cycle

We're half way through the year. Are your Producers at 50% of their goal for the year?  Or will it be a mad dash to the finish for them to hopefully get there?

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Time Issues

How to Transform Your Agency's Future Without Losing Your Sanity

Time - it's the one thing we all want more of and never have enough of. You don't need more hours in the day, you need to refocus how you spend the hours.

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