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Complimentary Tools Suite

We've put together a package of our most requested tools and video series for independent insurance agents to use.

There's no commitment to buy anything, it really is free! We want you to be the best agent/agency you possibly can, and we'll help you get started.

Registration includes:


  1. Agency Results Sprint: An 8-day course to jump start your agency transformation
  2. Top Twenty Lessons of a Lifetime - An eBook from Roger Sitkins, loaded with his greatest tips & advice accumulated from over 35 years as a consultant to independent insurance agents
  3. Diagnostic Survey Questionnaire - Our most requested download! Use this tool to super qualify prospects.
  4. Outcome & Performance Stats - Like a pro golfer, agents & agencies must measure two types of stats, Outcome & Performance Stats.
  5. Reverse Performance Management - Use this tool to help you manage performance and develop a 3-year plan.
  6. Simplexity Analysis - There is a correlation between effectiveness and simplicity. Have things become way to complicated in your agency?
  7. Strategic Project Implementation Tool - Take just 20 mins. or less and use this tool to help you get your thoughts organized and action plans developed.

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The Clear Path to the Future

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