• Roger Sitkins was recently named to the Hot 100 Insurance Professionals of 2013 as a consistent voice for the IA!
  • With over 80 of the top agencies in attendance, Extreme Networking Denver was a huge success.  When becoming a member of Sitkins you have exclusive access to this event and many more.
  • The training, advising and networking opportunities within the Sitkins Membership can’t be found anywhere else.
  • The Best Sales System by Larry Linne

    Larry Linne presents "The Best Sales System" @ EN Vegas. Here is a short clip of the first 8 min. Contact Sitkins.com for more info on how you can get the entire keynote speech.

Sitkins International

Sitkins International is a private client group and membership program for the top Independent Insurance Agencies and Brokerages in the United States, Canada, and Latin America.

The value of our membership is one member per one million in population along with access to all of our intellectual capital, resources, training, advising, networking opportunities, as well as the ability to attend our live events. 

Sitkins International is comprised of more than 125 members, representing $4 Billion in premiums.

From Our Blog

Beyond the hype: Why is the growth in Cyber Risk important for my agency?

Posted by Serge Solski on April 7th.
Cyber risk for all companies in America is now front, center and very clear:

Shifting From Science to Art in Selling

Posted by Larry G. Linne on April 5th.
Selling Complex Products is not a Science… It’s a science and an art!  

My Favorite Season of the Year

Posted by Mary Fran Mullan on March 31st.
My favorite season of the year has come to a close.  No, not winter (and that seems to be never-ending this year).  I’m talking about Girl Scout Cookie season, or more specifically, Thin Mint seaso