Start 2020 with a Clear Vision

Producer Annual Planning Guide Workshop

As hard as it is to believe, it's that time of year! Where you're scrambling to meet your sales goals, planning family time for the holidays, and just generally feeling overwhelmed.

We invite you to take 1 hour out of your day (just 1/168th of a week!) to plan out your sales goals for 2020. Imagine starting next year with:

  • The end in mind - Knowing exactly how much new commission and renewals you need to earn to meet your goals
  • An analysis of each of your existing accounts
  • Knowing exactly how many first appointments you need
  • An account strategy plan for your top targeted prospects
  • A three year Key Performance Indicator Plan
  • A yearly calendar of all your relationship visits - for Clients, Future Ideal Clients AND Centers of Influence

If all of this is worth an hour of your time, register today! Space is limited!

Session Details

What: Producer Annual Planning Guide Workshop hosted by Brent Kelly, Vice President

Where: Your office! via our website

Who: Producers & Sales Leaders looking to crush their goals in 2020!

When: On demand - Watch at your convenience!

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