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Real results from real member agencies. It doesn't have to be complicated to help you achieve great results.
$1.14 million new business in BOR
A member agency did over $1,000,000 in new commission on BORs in one year.


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$750k in new commission
A member agency earned $750,000+ in new commission using a corkboard.


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29% Growth in one year
A member agency grew their organic growth from 5% to 13%+ in 2 years.


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One Solution for Your Agency

Membership in The Sitkins Network gets your agency a personalized plan, plus training for all members of your team.   


ProducerFit - Increase sales, have full pipelines, and create the perfect schedule that allows for more freedom. Our easy-to-use strategies have been proven time and time again.

Monthly Sales Meeting - Join our coaches and fellow members once a month on a Livestream, interactive sales meeting. Each month build on what your Producers already learned at ProFit, or develop new skills.

Elite 50 - An elite mastermind of the best of the best producers. Producers must be graduates of ProducerFit and apply for acceptance.


Account ManagerFit - Do you ever think to yourself, "Why can't sales and service just get along?" It's because they are two unique skill sets that essentially speak two different languages.

Our training program for your service team helps bridge that gap and get everybody on the same page.


The Better Way University - Contrary to popular belief, we're not anti-small account, we're anti-unprofitable account. Get access to our on-demand program for small commercial & personal lines departments. There are over 50 learning modules available, plus bi-monthly live coaching sessions.


CEO Boot Camp - Stop leaving millions of dollars in agency value on the table. This five-week course for agency leaders is designed to get your agency back in shape. 

CEOFit - Bring your management team together once a year to identify, document, and plan your agency's goals for the next year.

CROFit - Your Sales Leaders are the Chief Revenue Officer of your agency. They'll learn strategies and tools to help them keep your Producers on track to hit their sales goals.

ProFitNet - ProFit Networking is our annual membership meeting. Get together with other members of The Sitkins Network to learn new strategies from speakers and coaches at the top of their game, network & share ideas with your fellow members, and have fun! This annual meeting has become like a reunion of great friends.

Personalized Coaching - Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going. - Jim Ryun

An effective coach will help you stay motivated to develop the habits needed for long-term success. As an industry-leading sales and performance company, Sitkins coaches have helped member agencies unleash their sales potential and achieve growth above and beyond their expectations.

Coaching, Training, Connecting


Once you become a member of The Sitkins Network, the first order of business will be your Professional Fitness (ProFit) Assessment. During this in-depth call, you'll:

  • Look at your current numbers (revenue, revenue per producer, closing ratio, etc.) to establish your agency baseline.
  • Develop a customized plan for your agency for your first year.
  • Have monthly one-on-one coaching (either by phone or video chat) with your assigned coach.
  • Identify the strategies and projects you need to put in place over the next month to achieve your documented goals.

What's Included

Membership fees include all of the following:

  • Access to The Risk Concierge ProgramTM selling system
  • A personalized agency plan
  • Quarterly reports (based on plan/metrics)
  • Monthly coaching calls with Leadership team
  • Monthly Sales Meeting
  • Producer Annual Planning Workshop
  • Sales Training - Virtual ProducerFit
  • Service Team Training - Virtual Account ManagerFit
  • Sales Manager Training - Virtual CROFit
  • Leadership Training - Virtual CEOFit
  • The Better Way University - On-demand video training for SCL/PL
  • Bi-Monthly Better Way Coaching Sessions
  • Tools, templates & video library
  • Peer community

In-person programs have a cost per person.

  • ProFitNet - $695/person
  • Elite 50 - $2,500/Producer

What You Get

  • A stream-lined sales process and increased sales
  • More commission with the same or less number of clients
  • Harmonious sales & service teams working together, not against each other
  • Improved leadership skills for you and your management team
  • Monthly accountability with your very own coach
  • Month-to-month agency improvement that would take you years on your own


"We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are."

Money Back Guarantee

Plus, as with all of our programs, membership comes with our 100% Money Back Guarantee. If your agency doesn't grow by at least the cost of your annual membership, we'll give you your money back.

More Membership Benefits


Membership in The Sitkins Network - Private Client Group comes with territorial exclusivity. Once you're in, your competitors can't get in. The only agency in your area with access to our selling system. First right of refusal on any future members in your territory. Open idea-sharing with other members without fear of your competitors stealing your trade secrets.


We are firm believers in not re-creating the wheel. You'll have full access to our online library of tools and templates. Items like:

  • Producer Performance Agreement
  • Future Ideal Client Profiles
  • Relationship Management Calendars
  • One Page Business Plan
  • High-Performance Team Contract
  • Producer Annual Planning Guide Plus, much more!

Selling System

Wouldn't it just be easy to tell your Producers, "Here, follow this." That's exactly what The Risk Concierge ProgramTM does. Available only to members of The Sitkins Network - Private Client Group, our proprietary sales system lays out the entire process step-by-step. We'll even give you the templates to customize!

  • Online training available on-demand
  • Detailed steps in the process from the first initial meeting through close
  • What you should do once they become a client
  • Promise keeping to ensure you keep the account year after year


Jon Miles

“Hiring Sitkins is potentially the best decision we’ve ever made to improve the performance of our sales force and our sales management group – after many years of trying to improve our Sales Velocity results on our own. There has been a noticeable, positive change in the attitude, language, and behaviors of our Producers after going through the initial Producerfit session. We’ve seen improvements in both the quantity and quality of our sales pipeline, and a significant improvement in the interaction between our Producers and High Performance Service Teams. I highly recommend Sitkins to any agency looking to do the same!”

Kevin Elliott

"My business is totally different after working with Sitkins. Its allowed me to enjoy a lot of freedom and a comfortable lifestyle, and my employees have received bonuses that are way beyond what the industry would pay. We have exploded into a revenue producing company."

Jeff Sargeant
Community Insurance Group

"Sitkins provided a proven platform and tools for all our producers and servicing agents to work off of in sync with one another. For me personally, membership was validation of my keen decision making capabilities (joking!) But honestly, I did recognize the need for additional help as our organization has grown tremendously over the last several years. I personally had hit “the Lid” in regards to leadership ability, and had to become vulnerable to the fact that I needed help. Roger, Brent, and the others answered the call."

Steps to Membership

If you're ready to find out more about how membership in The Sitkins Network can improve not only your agency, but your life overall, complete the steps below.

  1. APPLY - Click below to complete the application.
  2. REVIEW - Once your application is received our team will check for territorial availability. Once your territory has been cleared, you'll receive an email to schedule your Discovery Call.
  3. CALL - Once your Discovery Call is scheduled, you'll receive a Pre-Session Questionnaire. You must complete this questionnaire prior to your call.
  4. DECIDE - After your Discovery Call, you and your team can decide if membership is right for you.

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