The Agent Leader Series

podcast Jun 10, 2021

A lot has changed in the world since Covid hit, that's a given. But we've also learned a lot together with independent agencies over the past year. Roger Sitkins joined Brent Kelly on his podcast, The Agent Leader, for a four-part series to discuss what changes, improvements, and transformations we've seen insurance agencies make - and what some agencies are doing really well, that some agencies aren't doing at all.

Catch up on the four episodes now, each based on the lessons we've learned that are worth sharing with you, the agency leaders.  

Part 1 - The Four R's

This episode provides an overview of high-level aspects of an agency and the impact they've had in the last year or so, focused on the Four R's - Results, Relationships, Retention, and Referrals.


Part 2 - Decisions Determine Your Destiny

This episode focuses on selling, sales, and agency improvement for producers. If you are looking to boost your sales and productivity in the agency, this is a great one for you to listen to.


Part 3 - Stop Renewing Accounts

How do you retain ideal clients for your agency? Brent and Roger dive deep into the mindset needed, from policy delivery to continuing the relationship - not renewing the account - that will be very informative to insurance professionals.


Part 4 - What's Your Agency's Financial Model?

There are certain traps agencies need to look out for when it comes to earning more. Listen in for some great tips on how you can increase profits, improve your team, and where to invest in your agency.


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