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Episode 33: Essential Questions For Agency Leaders (Part 2)

Uncategorized Dec 10, 2018
Answering these essential questions can become a business plan for your agency.

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In this podcast
  • Why and how should my agency complete an Annual Review and Risk Survey on all of our A&B Clients?
  • What are our Points of Differentiation?
  • How do we ensure that all of our A&B Clients receive an Annual Services Calendar and Stewardship Report?
  • How will we maximize our Contingency Income?
  • How do we create an Operating Profit of at least 33%?
  • How will we perpetuate Books of Business?

The author

Roger Sitkins, CEO of Sitkins Group, Inc., is the nation’s number-one “Agency Results Coach.” He established The Sitkins Network™, a territorial exclusive network of high-performing agencies, and The Better Way Agency, a web-based training program that shows agency owners ways to make significant improvements in all areas of the agency. To learn more, please visit www.sitkins.com and follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.

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