One Reason Why You Must Adapt to Changing Technology

Sep 01, 2017

By Brent Kelly

Technology is changing at such a rapid pace that none of us can imagine what new technologies will be available in the next 20 years.

I found a clip on YouTube recently, and it absolutely blew me away. Not even 20 years ago, some of the “smartest people” on television didn’t know anything about the internet. I am not making fun of them, because in 1994, none of us really did.

In 1994, a new technology was surfacing that most of had no clue about. Today, we use the internet for just about everything and businesses would be crippled without it.

What’s my point?

The point is that new technologies are being developed right now that will completely change how we do business in 20 years. We don’t know exactly what they will be, but I guarantee you the face of business will change again in 20 years.
How do I know? Think about the changes made from 1934 to 1954 to 1974 to 1994. Does the automobile or television come to mind?

With that being said, I am amazed how some businesses and salespeople still will not adapt to changing technologies. I hear comments like, “It’s always been that way”, or “That’s the way we have always done it.”

Those comments say to me that they are either too stubborn or too lazy to change. Don’t get me wrong, there are business principles that should and will never change. Things like integrity, respect, ethics, service, and building relationships. However, the method for implementing these principles will continue to evolve with new technologies.

What do you need to do?
You can’t stop forward progress. Things won’t always be like they have always been. You must accept that.

You don’t have to become a technology nerd or understand the intricacies of every new invention. That would be impossible.

What you do need is an open mind. You need to think about how your customers want to conduct business. What technologies are they implementing? How can you make their experience better?
I see some businesses so focused on their own needs, that they forget who they are really serving.

That is a huge distinction. Business were not created for ourselves. They were created to serve others.
If you keep this mindset, adapting to new technology becomes a little easier. Of course there will be challenges and frustrations. There always is with change and progress, but keep in mind why you are making the changes. For you customers.

Question: Are you making changes utilizing new technology? What are they? 

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