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clients pipelines sales Feb 14, 2020

Core Strategy of Agency Success

Available Now! Access Brent Kelly's new ProFit Tip video and podcast episode for the seven core strategies of agency success we teach and preach at Sitkins Group, Inc.

PODs and New Files 

Is your pipeline full of Future Ideal Clients, or do you have what Brent calls a Database of Hope? In this episode, Brent shares three ProFit tips to help you develop a pipeline that is overflowing with ideal clients only. 

The Agent Leader podcast, is available on iTunesStitcher or Soundcloud.

The one event in 2020 you don't want to miss! 

If you like Brent's ProFit Tips, don't miss the chance to see him in person at ProFit Networking, March 11-13 in Cape Coral, FL. 

Do it now! This event will invigorate and inspire you. The agenda is packed with extraordinary speakers, mastermind discussions, and networking time. 

Florida sunshine. Swaying palm trees. Gulf breeze. You're welcome.

Clear the clutter from your mind, body, and soul. Get inspired to become professionally fit and live your best version possible. 

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