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Roger Sitkins receives the Dr. Henry C. Martin Award

henry c. martin award Mar 21, 2017

Roger Sitkins and Dr. Henry C. Martin both had the same passion; which is the betterment of the independent insurance agent through knowledge, agency efficiency, and customer relationships. Roger Sitkins is the recipient of the 2017 Dr. Henry C. Martin Award and among only five others to have the honor of receiving this prestigious award.

The Dr. Henry C. Martin Award is named after the founder of The Rough Notes Company.  Dr. Martin became a medical doctor after graduating from the Medical College of New York in 1870 and began his practice in Indianapolis. After becoming a medical examiner for Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company of Milwaukee, he opened his own insurance agency, represented Travelers Insurance Company.  In fact, he wrote the first fire insurance  policy for them in the state of Indiana.  His passion was writing and thus launched Insurance Rough Notes in 1878 which at the time became the champion of better insurance laws and education standards.  

Roger is an innovative thinker who started his insurance career in his parents' agency.  The sale of insurance interested him but agency efficiency and customer relationships became his passion and in 1980 Roger Sitkins began his consulting career.  As a gifted communicator and expert in the strategies of performance improvement, Roger traveled the country showing agencies how focusing on the basics could bring great success.  Roger has helped more than 3,000 independent insurance agencies build their business. His long-term relationships with his best clients prompted him to establish The Sitkins 100 and eventually Sitkins International, a network of high performance, non-competing agencies/brokerages.

Roger is currently the president and CEO of Sitkins Group, Inc. and his latest offering is The Better Way Agency, a web-based platform designed to help agencies move from a commodity-based business model to a relationship-based model. But there is another side to Roger many do not know.  He has an enormous heart for giving, all done quietly and humbly. One of his favorite things, helping to build homes for the impoverished, has taken him to Nicaragua 12 times.

Roger’s dedication to improving the insurance industry and the lives of those in need has earned him the distinct honor of receiving the Dr. Henry C. Martin Award.

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