Want to Ask Great Questions to Prospects and Customers? Think Scattergories

propects sales Sep 01, 2017

By Brent M Kelly

Use creativity and differentiation when asking questions to stand out from your competition.

Do you remember the game Scattergories? It has always been one of my favorite games.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, let me briefly explain how the game works.

Every player has a list of items on a sheet. They could be items like cities, dog breeds, actors, automobiles, etc. One player would roll a funky looking die with letters on it. Players would then have to name every item on their list starting with the letter rolled in a short period of time. For example, if the letter “B” came up, every item on you list would have to start with “B.”

What I love about this game is that you have to be extremely creative because the only way you can score points was if no other players have the same answer as you. The more players, the more difficult the challenge was to create answers that are unique.

If the list item was “cities” and the letter was “B,” it would not be wise to answer “Boston.” You would be much safer to answer “Bader, IL.” No one has heard of Bader, so there is great chance you would get a point.

So you must now be thinking, what does this have to do with sales and asking great questions to prospects and customers? Let me explain.

Why You Need to Think Scattergories When Asking Questions To Your Prospects and Customers.
Most salespeople ask pathetic questions.

How do I know? Because I have asked horrible questions in the past and have heard other salespeople ask awful questions.

Questions like:

Who are you currently with?
How much do you currently pay?
How has your experience been with your current company?
What would we need to do to earn your business?
Not only are these questions boring, but they do not engage your buyer.

 Asking great questions separates you from your competition.

You need to ask questions that are creative, show that you have done your homework, and that help your prospect or customer evaluate new information.


Ask questions that stop and make your buyer think before they respond.

You know you are the right track when they respond with the following statement.“No one has ever asked me that before.”

Here are a few example lead-ins you can start using right away.

“What is your proudest moment in business?”
“What has been the biggest obstacle you have overcome.”
“What has been your best experience with……?”
“How have you dealt with…..?”
“How have you successfully used…..?”

Remember, these are just examples. You need to ask questions that fit your personality and style, but I hope you get the point.

You need to ask engaging, thought-provoking questions that set you apart from all of your competitors.

You must think, prepare, and rehearse. Asking dynamic questions takes practice.

Just like in the game of Scattergories, if you ask the same boring questions as everyone else, you won’t win.

Question: What is a power question you have used successfully? 

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