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Why I Am So Passionate About Cyber Liability and Data Breach

Uncategorized Sep 01, 2017

By Brent Kelly

In 2013, I focused a large portion of marketing, research, networking, etc. on cyber liability and data breach issues.

Why? There are many reasons why this topic is so important so let me explain.

1) Cyber liability and data breach will not just be trendy catch phrases in the coming years, but there will be organizations crippled because of a cyber liability loss.
The amount of data breaches and cyber liability claims continue to rise.  Large companies with good risk managers are already aware of this, but who is looking out for small and medium-sized business owners?

Most business owners and organizations are unaware how susceptible they are with cyber liability.  Business owners work way too hard to have everything taken from them.  I feel a calling to educate, advise, and help all entities understand their cyber exposures and work with them to provide solutions.

2) Cyber liability is complicated and it will take specialists to understand the exposure to properly protect organizations.
I could have sold a cyber liability policy one year ago, but honestly I would have been unfamiliar with the concepts, coverage forms, and options.  I have spent much of 2012 reading, researching, and learning as much as possible about cyber liability related issues.

It is my opinion that in the coming years, more business owners and organizations will want to discuss cyber liability and data breach issues with their agent, but the agent will not completely understand all of the nuances.

This is not a knock against agents.  Insurance is indeed technical and complicated.  An agent can not expect to know everything about every coverage.  That is why I committed my full attention on cyber liability and data breach.

This topic is so important and it will require a specialist who understands the in and outs of all cyber related issues for business owners.

3) I find cyber liability fascinating
I have been working hard to find a place where I can put my passion and energy to serve the marketplace.  I am a technology nerd and insurance geek all mixed in to one so cyber liability insurance right up my alley.

I have been in the insurance word for 12 years and have learned tons about business, relationships, insurance concepts, etc., but have been looking to find a spot where I can truly make a difference.

It’s not about selling an insurance policy, it’s about educating and providing value.

As the late Zig Ziglar said, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”

That’s my goal, purpose, and passion.  To help others.  


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