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Is Your Agency A Leaky Bucket?

agency leadership Nov 25, 2020

Recently I noticed a roof leak in the covered porch at my vacation home. Even though I knew the roof was in good shape overall, there was some storm damage that needed to be addressed. There were two ways I could deal with it: (1) I could hope it would go away; or (2) I could deal with it as soon as possible. Ultimately, I decided it was time to find the source of the leak and fix it, since it wasn’t going to stop leaking by itself. That’s when I contacted a respected local roofer for help. My goal was to stop the leak before it became a major problem.

That experience got me thinking about the small leaks that occur in so many agencies every day. Much like a leaky roof, there are little things that are noticed but typically not dealt with early enough to prevent a bigger problem. Usually, these leaks are confined to specific areas within the agency, while other areas are completely sound/solid. Regardless, now may be a good time to look at your overall agency to identify...

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