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Have You Approved Your Message: Part Two

brand client experience May 05, 2016

Think TED Talks, where speakers have no more than 18 minutes to convey their message. Could you give an overall briefing about what, how and why you do what you do in 18 minutes or less?

  • Email What does your electronic correspondence say about you and your agency? Do your emails look professional? Do you and your staff use a consistent format or is every greeting and signature different? What are you doing to ensure that the grammar and spelling are correct? Are you checking up on how your correspondence appears to your clients and carriers?
  • Stationery I realize that most people aren’t using a lot of stationery these days (and I’m grateful that I’m not in that business). But when the occasion calls for a letter or some other “official” correspondence, does your stationery or corporate letterhead make a great first impression? Is it attractive and current or worn and dated? Does it look crisp and professional or did you design it yourself using a...
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What Do You Owe Your Clients: Part Two

client experience Apr 28, 2016

VIP Treatment.

In today’s world, if a client is worth keeping, he or she is worth being treated like a VIP. However, there are different standards of VIP service, depending on whether they are A, B or C clients.

Our studies continue to show that the bottom 25% of clients in the average agency account for less than 5% of revenue. (If you’re questioning this as you read it, don’t guess that I’m wrong without knowing your real numbers.) So should they be treated as VIPs? If you decide to keep them, yes. While every client is entitled to a great experience, your A clients should receive different service than your B clients, just as B clients should get different service than C clients.

Keep in mind that not everyone will want an annual review or a formal risk survey, in which case they can go elsewhere. You want clients who are committed to having a professional relationship with you, not a relationship based on buying and selling a commodity.

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