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Introducing The Agency Coaches Corner!

growth learning podcast Aug 24, 2018

Our new podcast, The Agency Coaches Corner, is here! 

The purpose of this podcast is to share with you some of the best lessons and strategies that we've learned - and teach -  at Sitkins Group.

The Agency Coaches Corner will take on two different formats, 

  • Roger and Brent discussing various behaviors and strategies that create massive growth for agencies and their producers.
  • Interviews with current Sitkins Group clients and industry influencers.

The goal of each episode is to not only share information with you, but also challenge you to take actions on things that will drastically improve your agency. 

We'll keep you ahead of the curve on changes in the industry, and ultimately, we want to help you cultivate Million Dollar Producers. 

We look forward to sharing these insights and information to help your agency Sell More, Retain More and Earn More. Be sure to subscribe on iTunes or Google so you'll get notified whenever we release a new episode. 


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No Risk, No Nothing

If you have been an insurance sales producer longer than 10 minutes, you know all about risk.

A risk is defined as “exposure to danger.”

Danger surrounds insurance producers every day. It could be in the form of a manager, company, prospect, client, product, or service. That list could go on and on, but the key point is that risk is clear everywhere you turn.

I believe you could categorize sales risks into three areas:

  • Risk of rejection
  • Risk of failure
  • Risk of financial hardship

These three risks highlight that even though the sales profession is the highest paid industry in the world, only a small percentage of the population enters this line of work. Furthermore, an even a smaller percentage of sales producers survive.

I have dealt with these three risks consistently in my own sales career. Although the context of these three risks has evolved over the years, the consequences have not.

Embrace Risk

While the fear of failure, rejection, and financial hardship are...

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