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Membership Testimonials

Jeff Sargeant, Community Insurance Group

The greatest impact my membership has had on me personally is: Validation of my keen decision making capabilities –he says jokingly! But honestly, I did recognize the need for additional help as our organization has grown tremendously over the last several year. I personally had hit “the Lid” in regards to leadership ability, and had to become vulnerable to the fact that I needed help. Roger, Brent, and the others answered the call.

Kevin Elliott, Diebold

My business is totally different after working with Sitkins. It’s allowed me to enjoy a lot of freedom and a comfortable lifestyle, and my employees have received bonuses that are way beyond what the industry would pay. We have exploded into a revenue producing company.

Mike Chapman, Brown & Brown

You guys have put together a great plan for us to grow. There’s a lot of basics involved in insurance and this has given us a great way to relay the basic information in the industry to our team. I have a seasoned team, and sometimes relaying that information to them, is an eye rolling experience...but I think you guys have a nice way of delivering this message and setting us up on a month by month basis for what we need to focus on and how that can really help us grow.

Jon Miles, EHD

Hiring Sitkins is potentially the best decision we’ve ever made to improve the performance of our sales force and our sales management group –after many years of trying to improve our Sales Velocity results on our own. There has been a noticeable, positive change in the attitude, language, and behaviors of our Producers after going through the initial Producerfit session. We’ve seen improvements in both the quantity and quality of our sales pipeline, and a significant improvement in the interaction between our Producers and High Performance Service Teams. I highly recommend Sitkins to any agency looking to do the same! The greatest impact my membership has had on me personally is: In addition to the training resources and talented people associated with the Sitkins organization, being part of an exclusive and private network of other quality agencies that we can interact with and learn from is a valuable additional benefit of our partnership.

Mark Shipp, HUB International

Roger has been a coach and confidante of mine for over 20 years and has helped me grow as an insurance and risk management professional. My multi-million commission book of business has quintupled because of the strategies and behaviors learned from Sitkins.

If you want to separate yourself from the pack, Roger and the Sitkins’ Coaches are for you. If you are happy being average, call someone else. Roger and his team are the best! 

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Speaking Testimonials

Susan Snow, Learning Delivery Manager, Westfield

Our organization booked Brent Kelly as a speaker for our young producers. Our goal was to motivate our producers to continue providing professional consultation to their customers. Brent exceeded our expectations by inspiring all of us to take time for ourselves and do something every day to improve ourselves. As a professional, Brent said we have to work on our craft! Our take away message was to choose habits that lead to results and practice every day.

Susie Booner, IIABA

When it comes to planning national events—securing the right speakers can make or break the event experience. When you find a speaker who’s willing to get their hands dirty to help market and provide REAL value to attendees—that’s priceless. Brent and his team were extraordinary to work with and his talk on intentional leadership is going to be hard to top! He engaged our young insurance leaders with story and provided time for introspection and group work so our agents walked out the door with strategies to elevate their leadership game. If you want a speaker who knows insurance, is awesome to work with and your attendees will LOVE book Brent!

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ProducerFit Testimonials

Brian Nguyen, AAIFIA Insurance Services, Inc.

One of the biggest challenges for me was filling my pipeline. Because of ProducerFit, I found several ways to begin networking, ways to hone my “commercial” delivery, how, when, and who to deliver it to. I don’t take excerpts from the ProFit teachings. I use it all and have designed my business around it. You’ve made an impact on my career and Me, Inc. THANK YOU!

Mark Pancrazi, Pancrazi Insurance

The virtual training I'm finding is actually better than in person training in that it is saving me time and money from having to travel to the training location. It also is spread over several weeks which allows you time to work on your areas you need to improve. You're not overwhelmed with a bunch of items that you can't figure out where to start when you get back from the training. A major benefit for me is that we have two other producers from our agency also taking the training so we are able to interact with each other and work on items together.

Brad Abramson, Marsh USA

I have been through a lot of training courses. This course stands apart from the rest for many reasons, but I believe the #1 reason is the concept of self-focus, specifically mindset. It is a core component of the sales process. This is an area that many of us are working on, and Roger/Brent’s real-life examples help immeasurably. I really appreciate how deep we go in the training. I’m able to apply it to my day-to-day in real time.

Eric Cohen, Benefit Quest

If you would like to take your Agency to the next Sales Level. This course will give you tools and resources to get you there. 

Jeremy Longshore, Trust Point Insurance

The program is very simple to follow and on point with what is discussed and explained. Very well put together and great materials that every producer should be listening to. I like these virtual options because the workbooks and interactive nature of these sessions help to keep my attention. They are much more affordable from a budgeting standpoint and travel time commitment's sake. 

Joseph Bustos, WAFD Insurance Group

Overall the experience was bar none the best program I have ever attended. It has been a great roadmap to become the best version possible as a producer. 

Dillon Bond, Russell Schrader

I have done many sales trainings over the course of my young career. I'm fascinated with sales. This has been the most complete package I have experienced so far. Very thankful to your company and the time spent doing this. 

Evan Geyer, Dostal & Kirk

As a new agent in this industry, I couldn't have asked or scripted a better program to help me jumpstart my career! The virtual training experience has been quite enjoyable. Roger and Brent do a wonderful job in engaging with energy and ferocity. I enjoy the interacting between the presentations and discussions.

Chip Wooten, First MainStreet

This course is a great use of my time and actually fills the gaps that many agencies have with producer training. This is great for the new and seasoned producer to help remind us what we forgot or get us out of the service trap we've built for ourselves. 

Mark Yost, Gunn-Mowery

This was the best sales class that I have participated in. I really enjoyed the 12 week program that gave me the framework and tips to practice each week. Every session was a review of the prior week and information to build on the next. I would recommend this to any insurance professional looking to increase their sales!

Ryan Stillwell, Stillwell Risk Partners

The whole program was great and the virtual learning really helped me in both the time and financial commitment required. I know I'll reference my notes on this for years to come. 

Braxton Bell, Wrangler Insurance

The only thing that is disappointing about this course is when it ends each week and I have to wait a whole week for the next session. 

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