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Sell More. Retain More. Earn More.

Results-based consulting and training programs for independent insurance agencies.


Producer's Annual Planning Guide Workshop

We invite you to take 1 hour out of your day to plan out your sales goals for 2020.



Select the Sitkins consulting program that's right for you and your agency.


Access the Sitkins knowledge bank and coaching resources.


Begin implementing techniques to achieve clarity and success.

The insurance industry is changing rapidly, leaving many independent agency owners feeling completely overwhelmed and dissatisfied with their growth trajectory.

But chaos doesn't have to win the day!

That's why the Sitkins Group consultants offer results-based training programs for insurance agency leaders and producers, to learn and apply common sense strategies that bring clarity and help their agency to sell more, retain more, and earn more.


Find the focus and discipline to guide your agency and your team to financial security.


Uncover the leadership skills and sales tools necessary to become the best in the market.


Build a happy and cohesive team and adopt a "Sell More. Retain More. Earn More." mentality.

"Such a great program to be part of! If you are looking to grow you agency or your leadership, I highly recommend the ProFit program and the Sitkins Network. It is absolutely worth the investment!"

Debra Watson

"My business is totally different after working with Sitkins. It’s allowed me to enjoy a lot of freedom and a comfortable lifestyle, and my employees have received bonuses that are way beyond what the industry would pay. We have exploded into a revenue producing company."

Kevin Elliott
Diebold Insurance

"Our growth rate continues to be north of 15% and our margins above 32%. Our parent company is so impressed with our numbers, they want to know how we run our BDC and sales appointments. It all comes back to the Sitkins principles we learned."

John Schlichte
The Presidio Group

Running a successful agency shouldn't be so hard.

We've been there, too. As former independent insurance agency professionals, the Sitkins team understands the industry is changing, and how difficult it can be to keep up.

We've seen the challenges you are facing, tackling the endless day-to-day tasks while working hard to grow your business.

For more than three decades, we've helped over 2,000 independent insurance agency owners master the skills to sell more, retain more and earn more. We are the experts in insurance agency results; in fact, it's the only industry we serve.

Using our proven techniques, our clients see organic growth at 2x the national average and gain clarity and focus in their business.


Stop losing millions in agency value and uncover a clear path to Sell More. Retain More. Earn More.  

The Sitkins Promise
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Multiply Agency Value
  • Increase your revenue per sale
  • Increase your closing ratio
  • Increase agency efficiency
  • Develop dynamic carrier relationships
  • Unlock premier retention rates
  • Develop new skills of differentiation
  • Discover ways to keep pipelines full
  • Learn the secret to replicating success
  • Improve agency culture

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