Improve Your Entire Agency in 90 Days 

The training and development of your agency's people can determine your agency's value.

Don't make the mistake that could cost you millions in agency value.

Invest in the training & development of your people. The development of your team is the key to maximizing growth and profits. But you don't have to start from scratch with sales and training programs; we do it all for you. 

In 90 days, you'll experience improved teamwork, increased sales, and agency value with Fast Track.

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Why our training produces real results

Recent studies show that 90 days after traditional training, 84% of the learning is lost. Why?

  • Training is typically event-based. It's a one-time event of vague thoughts vs. a specific plan/process.
  • Training is typically done in isolation. It focuses on one department with no involvement from leadership.
  • Training is typically informational. It's a lot of information without a way to measure or monitor results. 

Rather than sending one or two people to a one-day event, we have a defined process for your entire team to follow from day one, and results are often seen immediately!

How it works


Simultaneous training for your entire agency

Once a quarter, we offer three programs for your entire agency. Since it's 100% virtual, you don't have to worry about travel and time away from the office for your entire team. 

  • Sales - 8 Weekly sessions focusing on spending 80%+ of their time in sales activities, filling their pipelines, and building relationships.
  • Service - 4 Bi-Weekly sessions focusing on how to free up Producers to sell more and proactively managing accounts to improve retention. 
  • Sales Leadership - 4 Bi-Weekly sessions focusing on improving Producer behaviors that lead to increased numbers.

On-demand resources

Just like no two people are the same, no two agencies are the same. That's why we've spent the last few years creating an extensive library of on-demand resources. 

  • Is your team struggling with developing a client management calendar? Just download our template.
  • Are your Producers' pipelines really just a database of hope? Watch our DEEP Dive videos on Pipeline strategies to begin filling pipelines with targeted future ideal clients.

You decide what your agency needs to focus on the most.


All of this training for one flat fee

It's not per person; it's per agency. If you have 10 Producers, it can easily be $20,000 just for them to participate in training. But what about the rest of your team? What good does sending your sales team for training do if no one else in the agency knows what they learned or how they fit into the "new way"? Get your entire team working together to increase sales and retention and add millions to your agency's value.

Plus, we know our system works. That's why all of our programs come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. But this isn't an expense - it's an investment in your single greatest asset. 

Tim Hrehor

“If you are committed to a process and are ready for continued change management, I would highly recommend partnering with the Sitkins team.”

Darren Howard

“The investment of your time and money is well worth it if you are serious about working on your business and making a long-term commitment. There will be an immediate impact on your agency results, but the real value comes over time as the changes become a way of life for you and your staff.”

John Bowers

“The Sitkins program has changed the trajectory of our agency. We have more organic growth and our retention limit is increasing. I highly recommend using their system.”

Mike Malinowski

 “The Sitkins network has helped us create a consistent sales process. We are trending to have our second largest new business year since joining Sitkins and truly believe their partnership helped us achieve this objective.”

Kevin Charleston

“We consistently hear from our producers that the information they learn from the producer training is the missing piece to helping them understand where they are in their career and how to be more efficient moving forward. We also appreciate the consistency in language we are able to utilize once everyone has heard the Sitkins message.”

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Results are real

Listen to one of our clients give live feedback during one of our most recent sessions. His team has already told him,

"Whatever you do, don't quit doing Sitkins."

That's when you know something is working well!

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