The Sitkins Network is the high-achieving agency’s clear path to Sell More. Retain More. Earn More.

The Sitkins Network Core Elements


Your agency’s complete sales road map to define your ideal clients, differentiate through risk advice, and deliver on a world-class client experience.


A customized curriculum and knowledge bank with follow-up support for all areas of your agency.


Our coaches will help keep you on track and focused to implement the strategies necessary to achieve your goals.

Many independent insurance agency leaders struggle with low organic growth and a feeling of helplessness when it comes to running their agency.

“Am I running the business, or is the business running me?”

That’s why we’ve developed the Sitkins Network, a proven system that guides high-achieving agency leaders to define a clear, simplified path, design a customized agency plan and achieve results. It’s a professional fitness plan that leads to success, along with financial and personal freedom.

An overview of some membership benefits include...   

Territorial Exclusivity. Your marketing territory is protected. Once you’re in, your competitors can’t get in without your approval.  

The ProFit Evaluation & Plan. This Plan becomes the basis for your monthly one-on-one coaching sessions and lays out the training plan to increase the overall professional fitness of your agency, including the areas of Sales, Sales Management, CEO, and Account Managers. When you have clarity, consistency, and commitment, your agency will sell more, retain more, and earn more.

The Risk Concierge Program®️. This is our proprietary plug and play selling system, exclusive to members only, which will totally differentiate you in the marketplace. This program is supported by a step by step sales process backed by proven sales training that every agency can implement.

The Sitkins Network Library. This is a chock-full knowledge bank at your fingertips. Your Coach can help guide you to the resources most relevant to your agency. 

Monthly One-On-One Coaching. Everyone wants to get better, but very few have the time and discipline to do it on their own. Your Sitkins Coach will be your accountability partner to guarantee execution and improved results.  

Monthly Sales Meetings. Let us take the lead to free you up to sell more, retain more, earn more and lead more each month. We facilitate a monthly sales meeting for all members and their teams.

ProFit Networking Event. These annual "reunions" are packed with relevant content and discussions but also allow lots of roundtable time to mastermind with other network members.

The Better Way Agency & Better Way University
The Better Way University is an online library that contains all of The Better Way training videos and resources. Some of the videos in the library include:

     - Annual Account Reviews
     - Power of the 80/20 Rule
     - The Exit Barriers
     - The Challenge of Change
     - The Continuation Process
     - Carrier Management
     - Tons more....

Better Way Bimonthly Sessions
Every other month, Better Way Coaches deliver a presentation to reinforce and support training modules within the Better Way University.

The Sitkins Network is not for everyone. Apply today to see if your agency is ProFit ready.


Limited territory-based memberships available for qualified agencies.


Discuss your goals with our Executive Coaches and design your ProFit plan.


Access training, coaching and develop your unique selling system.

"I'm somewhat cynical when making a leap like this, but becoming a member of The Sitkins Network was one of the best decisions we have made in the recent past. The impact membership has had in just 9 months has been dramatic and transformational. It gives me confidence and hope for the future, but we are already starting to see results. We have a clearly defined sales process with a common language and a code of behaviors that everyone is comfortable with. We've had an increase in submissions, improved closing ratios, and improved the average account size. Our people are excited again about this chosen profession and are really having fun with it. Also, the unintended benefits that we have garnered from being members is being able to talk to other members and share our concerns, our opportunities, our threats, our issues and learning from each other. The relationships we have built with the Sitkins Team and the network members; being able to pick up the phone and talk through some of our problems and get advice are great benefits to have."

Jon Miles

"We had a lot of producers that had been sitting on their books and some new producers as well, and everything in between. What we really needed to do was get behaviors into our culture. As a Sales Manager, I believe Sitkins really keeps me accountable to get the behaviors in our agency that we need."

Chet Rhodes

"We were really looking for a consulting partner to help take our agency to the next level. We've had a lot of success over the years, but knew to get to that next level and be our best version possible, we needed to take another big step, which is why we joined The Sitkins Network."

Shane Ideus

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