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The Producer's Best Version Possible

producers Oct 03, 2019

Recently I introduced The Agency’s Best Version Pyramid (BVP). It was so well received that I’ve expanded on the concept and applied it to the all-important role of producers. Net new revenue may not solve all your problems, but I firmly believe that it solves most of them!

I continue to be very concerned about our distribution system, the Independent Insurance Agency channel. Even with organic growth rates climbing from 4.5% in 2017 to just above 6% today, there’s still so much unrealized potential among independent agencies.

“Potential” is a word I hesitate to use because I’ve always disliked it. No matter the endeavor—sports, music, theater or sales—that word is almost always attached to those who have fallen short of success or missed some great opportunity. Often, the word is associated with someone past their prime and usually is prefaced by the word “oh.” “Oh, they had so much potential,” suggests...

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Ten Ways to Build a Strong Agency

leadership Sep 05, 2019

The Agency's Best Version Pyramid

“Close your eyes and imagine the best possible version of your agency. That’s what you really want to become. You’ve got to let go of any part of your agency that is an obstacle, anything that’s holding it back from becoming the best agency possible.”

The concept of the Best Version Pyramid made its public debut during our recent ProFitNet meeting in April, and it is something I’m going to continue to develop for all the major areas of agencies.

The ideal way for me to explain the behaviors and strategies around becoming the Best Version Possible (BVP), is to use a pyramid, which I refer to as the Best Version Pyramid. As with any pyramid, it starts with core, foundational stones and ends with a capstone. 

The first is the Agency’s Best Version Pyramid (ABVP) consisting of 10 “stones.” As I define the various stones, I’ll share each one’s purpose and desired results. You’ll...

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The Seven Deadly Traps

producers Aug 08, 2019


When I talk to producers who are frustrated with their results and overall balance in life, I think the real issue is that they’ve lost their freedom. Specifically, they’ve lost the freedom to do what they want to do, when they want to do it. Even the younger ones talk longingly about “the good old days,” when they had more freedom. But the reality is that with 24/7/365 access to data, people and products in today’s digital world, workdays seem to never end.

I recently gave a speech in Toronto to the Worldwide Insurance Network Group (WING), which included independent insurance brokers from 20 different countries. It was a great learning experience for me, and it reinforced my belief that the world’s best brokers love the collective genius of brainstorming with other super-smart individuals.

During my opening comments, I asked if any of them were experiencing some loss of freedom or...

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Moving Your Agency From Comfort to Growth

growth Jul 18, 2019

Are you getting the results you want in your agency? If not, it's probably because you're stuck in your comfort zone. In this episode of The Agent Leader podcast, Brent Kelly explores what would happen if you stepped out of your comfort zone and started moving towards a growth zone - towards your best version possible.

If you're looking for a clear path to your success, check out all the programs that Sitkins Group, Inc offers. We are passionate about helping agency leaders and producers sell more, retain more, earn more and lead more.

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The Seven Roadblocks of Agency Success

Uncategorized Jul 03, 2019

In this episode of The Agent Leader podcast Brent Kelly dives into the 7 roadblocks...obstacles...traps...that are holding agencies back from their best version possible. 



If one or more of these obstacles is currently holding you back and you're looking for a clear path to your success, check out all the programs that Sitkins Group, Inc offers. We are passionate about helping agency leaders and producers sell more, retain more, earn more and lead more.

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Building Blocks of Agency Leadership

leadership Jun 13, 2019


For the last 30 years, international leadership guru John Maxwell, who was my mentor and with whom I’ve had the privilege of sharing a stage, has said that everything rises and falls on leadership. Although I used to question that idea, my experience has convinced me that it’s true! Leadership affects every area of our personal and professional lives.

To me, leadership is not a destination, a title, an expensive car or a corner office. Although all of those things may be the result of great leadership, they are not one and the same. Leadership is an action, and the way you measure that action is influence. Are people listening to you? Are they buying in to what you’re trying to accomplish? Are you building relationships?

Ultimately I believe three main building blocks form the foundation of great agency leadership:

  • Clarity of vision and direction
  • Confidence in your entire team
  • Culture...
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Leading the Right Way - Interview With Jon Miles

leadership May 23, 2019

Special episode of The Agent Leader Podcast featuring an interview with Sitkins Network member, Jon Miles, President of EHD Insurance.

Jon is a stellar example of effective leadership and how to lead the right way. Listen to the lessons he shares from his high-achieving agency and get your pen and paper ready, you'll want to be taking notes.

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Special Episode - Interview With Markham Rollins

retirement success May 09, 2019

Interview with Markham Rollins

In this episode of The Agent Leader you'll hear a special interview with client-turned-personal friend, Markham Rollins, from our recent ProFit Networking event. 


Mark shares his success story, how he implemented Sitkins strategies to double his agency size while reducing his clients in half, and what's up next for him. 

Check out www.markhamrollins.com/ to learn more about how Mark is looking to transform retirement by providing the tools, insight, and expertise other successful post-retirement professionals need to build a purpose-driven life.

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Discover the Business Hiding Inside Your Business

leadership sales Apr 18, 2019


The best agency owners and producers are always looking for new opportunities to grow their business. Those that aren’t certainly should be.

But when asked why they haven’t become their best version possible, they usually start with “if only” statements: If only we had that market; if only we had that technology; if only we had that tool; if only we had more service people; if only we had a new office; if only we expanded to another location.

Here’s my challenge: Stop “if only-ing” yourself! Those are just excuses.

I believe that every agency has a great opportunity that’s been hidden inside its shop for years, if not decades. That hidden opportunity—which is really hidden business—is to maximize all of its existing assets and resources. We refer to that as “redeployment management.” That’s when an agency takes its existing assets/resources and allocate them...

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How To Become An Average Agency

growth leadership plan Mar 27, 2019


Did the title of this article grab your attention? I hope it made you think, “Average? Why would anyone want to be average?”

Before I answer that, let’s define average: It’s the best of the worst and the worst of the best; as close to the top as you are to the bottom. In other words, average isn’t exactly terrible.

One of the good news/bad news scenarios in our business is that the average agency and the average producer do pretty darn well. When compared to what 95% of working people earn, this is truly a great business.

Of course, not everyone has what it takes to be average. To know whether you make the grade, it’s important to (1) recognize the characteristics of the average agency and (2) be prepared to replicate the specific behaviors of the average producer. Here are some pointers for those who aspire to be truly average.

Don’t be proactive. The average agency has primarily...

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